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Classes of Issues (karl)

What are the types of issues we are facing in webcompat. We need to have a better articulation of this discussion to make it more effective.

  • karl: We started a discussion last week, it started with a misunderstanding. Even with the misunderstanding it was a good discussion. It's useful when you have a specific goal, product development, understand the space, etc. We can have very different answers, depending on who we ask. They're all valid, but we need to articulate them well. When someone from management chain has an understanding of webcompat that doesn't align perfectly with ours, it makes me a little uncomfortable. We shouldn't avoid that discussion, we should try to give the right context.
  • mike: I agree that we need to have this discussion. Firefox Desktop team was concerned about having a better understanding how issues impact the work done across Firefox in the desktop space. For example, in Mobile, we have a lot of issues on video, and layout.
  • karl: I see a growing concern about web compatibility in Mozilla. We've started to see compatibility on the top of lists, which is cool. It's important. But it's also putting more pressure -- when there's a word like "compatibility" people focus more on the word than on the work. People will notice the one site that is broken, but forget the thousands of sites that are working in Firefox. It becomes a focus point. It's something we should stress. Firefox works quite well everywhere. It's not perfect, we have issues related to marketshare.
  • adam: I think we should find a few people in the organization, introduce myself and ask what compatibility means to them. Understand the expectations in the organization. Better to get ahead of these things rather than let them fester.
  • mike: Can we brainstorm a small list of people to meet with?
  • karl: Marketing (because they've approached us). In London I would like to try to catch up with Mitchell. <aside> mini-discussion on rendering engines</aside>
  • mike: DOM, Media, Layout? The different groups in Platform.
  • karl: Yes, they have different ideas about compat. It would be helpful to understand their points of view.
  • karl: People who work with support, SUMO.

Web Compat Success Stories (mike)

What are good stories we can tell (through Developer Marketing), either via engineering or outreach -- instances where our efforts (us, community) made the web better?

  • mike: Ally is part of Dev marketing. To understand what we do, and to raise awareness about the work we do in Web Compatibility. Be for developers and volunteers. Someone from Marketing asked if we had any success stories. If things come to mind, please follow-up on the mailing-list.
  • karl: I'm not sure all of our success stories are cool enough for marketing, but we have things that have positively impacted the user experience. For example, webkit prefixing work on Japanese sites. Or working on fixing libraries in GitHub. Focus on things that show a large impact.
  • TODO: Mike, start a conversation about success stories on the compatibility ML.

Interview Panels (mike)

What to expect when a candidate makes it to the next step.

  • mike: We are going on with interviews. If you are asked to participate, please think to the type of questions you would ask for someone participating to our team.

Microsoft Edge Summit 2016 (karl)

Mike was at Microsoft Edge Summit 2016. Any interesting information about it?

User-Agent Switcher (karl) I have reproduced a couple of times an issue which is related to user agent switcher and Firefox devtools. If it's not a bug of devtools, we would probably need to rewrite user agent switcher.

  • karl: If you follow the link to this bug, can someone else reproduce the problem I am having? (not initial description, comment later in the bug). The issue is basically when you have the UA switcher enabled, the scripts in the debugger are blank. So I'm wondering if it's an add-on not being compatible with recent version of Firefox but I don't know. Can someone help test?
  • TODO: Adam to reproduce.

Q2 Goals (mike)

Broadly, let's share what people are going to be focusing on in Q2.

  • Mike: Rescheduled next week

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