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Welcome to Adam (miketaylr)

Adam 2, the return. Previously

  • mike: It was a good day. Welcome to come back with us. We are all happy.
  • adam: it's a pleasure to be back.

London 2016 Work Week Topics (miketaylr)

We are meeting in London in June (part of the Mozilla Work week). A wiki page has been started and a discussion on the mailing list.

  • mike: We are collecting agenda items. I can request now meeting space if there is more than us discussing or if we think we need a quieter space. All Platform, and Firefox are in the same hotel, next to Hyde Park.

Outreachy Program status (karl)

What are the next deadlines?

  • karl: Question to Mike. We had a flood of outreachy applicants and new contributors (which was really cool). And also for Adam to understand, Mozilla wants to improve the diversity within Mozilla and the Outreachy program is one way to achieve that (etc.)
  • karl: We had a few participants and wanted to know the next steps and if they'll be in London.
  • mike: I sent an email to extend an offer to a person. The person accepted and is on board. The person will continue to participate. The other people, I sent an email to help them to go apply to the other projects which had no applicants. Some will continue to contribute to webcompat, that's kind of cool. April 22, there will be an announcement for the decision process. The selected person will potentially come to London. If we have a good experience with this, we could renew the experience and mentor a next pool of candidates later on. It might be twice a year. status. (karl)

Cleared most of the backlog for incoming bugs. I'm focusing the work on needscontact, but needsdiagnosis is in dire state too. Some bugs are still with notifications unanswered.

  • karl: GOOD NEWS EVERYBODY. We had a big pile of untriaged bugs (still 2 remaining). We are good on that side. needsdiagnosis where it's accumulating (*cough* Mike and Hallvord *cough*). Also, needscontact and contactready needs help. Due to the age, some of these will have fixed themselves.
  • adam: The question is, is there a specific area you want me to focus on?
  • mike: Nah, all up for grabs.
  • adam: On, are we actively going after issues that affect other browsers (or only Firefox)?
  • karl: There are some issues that are specifically targeted at IE or Opera. What I try to do is to ping those people from those companies. Usually they ignore, but I try to not work on them too much.
  • adam: Does Microsoft still work on compat?
  • mike: They still work on Webcompat a lot.
Today: 2016-03-29T21:54:23.528017
402 open issues
needsinfo       2
needsdiagnosis  131
needscontact    72
contactready    91
sitewait        107

Triage topic (mike)

  • mike: In London I want us to be able to define a bit more of a process to track the progress.
  • karl: When I joined, in the old wiki minutes you could see they had a triage meeting for Tech Evangelism.
  • karl: I don't think it's very useful. What I think we should do in London, think how we can use GitHub (or hack it), to have a better notification system. You both forget too many notifications. Sometimes the bug stays there, we forget to come back. It doesn't have something like needinfo?

Broken Voices of the Web

Web Compatibility Progress