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"Top 10" compat bugs (miketaylr)

Dev Marketing would like pointers to common bugs for mobile and desktop (see email to compat list), across HTML, CSS, JS, DOM, HTTP, A/V

  • mike: Dev marketing is interested by most common bugs.
  • karl: This is similar to the github repo I started with common bugs and articles to be written. types of issues:
  • UA detection version fail
  • HTTP ping pong (mobile <-> desktop 302s), UA sniffing not the same on both sides
  • touch or click scripts, not both (nytimes?)
  • video formats, HLS
  • prefixes
  • non-standard APIs, etc.
  • out of date frameworks

ACTION ITEM: each of us to put in ~3 bugs by EOD tomorrow.

Meetings (adam)


  • mike: met with Andrew and Daniel to introduce Adam and get their perspective on desktop web compatibility
  • karl: most issues span across both desktop and mobile, more gecko related
  • mike: keep trying to understand why compat is important, continue to try to define it

Gmail (karl)


  • karl: Yoohoo! Maybe?! need to test.
  • karl: I was surprised, today I tested Gmail very quickly. It seems that they fixed the border-image bugs. I need to go through again the UI to be sure. If it's the case, we can remove the UA override.
  • mike: Is this with our webkit stuff?
  • karl: I need to double check, but I think it will work without that in release.

Broken Voices of the Web

Web Compatibility Progress