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Tripwire web compat regression analysis tool - In progress

  • owner: twisniewski

A Firefox browser extension which allows taking self-contained snapshots of how a web page renders in a "known good" browser version, and then later comparing that snapshot to how the same page renders in a new version of the same browser. Meant to be useful in automation to monitor when a page's rendering changes, so that we may confirm that the changes are not due to breaking web compatibility. (work in progress)

(Mobile) Library and Framework Investigation - In progress

The ongoing goal of this project is to "audit" source code and issues/bug trackers of popular mobile frameworks to identify bugs, workarounds, or performance issues that need increased attention from Mozilla.

Video project - In progress

owner: hallvors
The Video project aims to get an overview of and improve the compatibility state of video watching sites.

90% Mobile Compatibility for the Alexa Top 1000 Sites - Backlog

90% Mobile Compatibility for the Alexa Top 1000 Sites to achieve 90% compatibility in terms of mobile content sent to Firefox for Android and Firefox OS by the Alexa top 1000 global sites.

These are projects which we are not in the process of creating, but that would be good candidate to take on.

CSS Checker for Web Compatibility

Kyle Foster tweeted: "Someone make a tool that checks my CSS file against the Can I Use database and reports my browser compatibility." The tool could also report what changes to the CSS would make it more compatible with most "bang for the buck" - i.e. removing x:foo could increase your reach from 60% of browsers to 75%. Potentially on

  • Web Development and interfacing with
  • Possibly hooking it with the CSS Validator (java) at W3C

CSS Converter from old to new Flexbox

It analyzes the old CSS flexbox syntax and proposes the equivalent syntax in the new Flexbox model.

  • A bit of front-end Web development
  • A table of correspondance
  • A parser for CSS

CSS Converter from WebKit to CSS3 gradient

It analyzes the WebKit gradient syntax and proposes the equivalent syntax in the CSS3 gradient.

  • A bit of front-end Web development
  • A parser for CSS
  • A converter

Spade - Cancelled

Spade is an automated tool that will provide guidance as the the scope of the mobile Web problem. Note: this tool may be obsoleted by Seif Lotfy's work and is not being actively developed as of Nov-2013.

Firefox OS User Agent (UA) Overrides - In progress (archived on 2016-05-11)

owner: kdubost
The UA override mechanism allows B2G and Firefox Android to force mobile content by sending a custom UA to a specified domain.

Fixing UA detection libraries - In progress (archived on 2016-05-11)

owner: miketaylr
User Agent detection libraries sometimes do not take into account Firefox OS and/or Firefox for Android. We (Mozilla and the community) try to contact them to fix the libraries.