Connected Devices Weekly Update/2016-02-16

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Program Status Notes
Firefox OS Smartphone Sunset

Smartphone Sunset Program Mana Site
Smartphone Transition Public Wiki

Code Transition (Julie) In Planning
  • Transition Plan for Firefox OS Code Base
  • Transition plan has been further developed and reviewed by the engineering team. Resource estimation needs refinement.
  • Removing packaged app support and the current security model will be the main focus for the transition project. High level overview of the work is provided in the plan.
  • During the transition period, the actual work, proposed in our plan, will be done on a specific branch and merged back into the master branch after Firefox OS 2.6 for TV has been branched. TV team plans to branch out Firefox OS for TV 2.6 Aug. 1st, which is Firefox 49 from aurora. Before proceeding with the plan, it will first be discussed with our partner to ensure alignment with their plans.
  • The TV team will maintain the shared and TV pieces going forward. The community has to take on the smartphone-specific layer.
  • Next step is to get approval to proceed.
Foxfooding (Jean) In Planning
  • Need to send out one last build with the collect info. flag unset.
  • OTA build with dogfood flag = 0 has been released by Naoki
Community Messaging (George) In Planning
  • Plan is to keep the community informed at a high level until a code transition plan is finalized and approved.

Connected Devices/Participation Wiki
Marketplace Wiki

  • Participation team is developing the plan to handover the code once transition is completed.
Smartphone Commercial Sunset (David) In Planning (almost finished)

Link to complete Ramp-Down plan (also included in mana)

  • Collecting legal, business and technical (non-code) aspects to keep supporting current FxOS users through a transition period (
  • recommended until Q1 2018


  • Legal & Relationships: making sure that all carrier and retail agreements are terminated by Q1 2018.
  • OWDCRB: CRB informed of our CD pivot. OWDCRB needs to take a decision about future of the forum.
  • Support for emergency fixes: contingency plan in case a very serious security vulnerability would be detected in any of the commercial builds.
  • PNS: all hosted by Mozilla currently. Targeting to assure support at least until Q1 2018.
  • AGPS support: in case of SPRD devices provided by third-party (Here maps). Content BD team worked to assure the continuation of the service to the active devices.
  • SUMO: No plans for discontinuation.
  • Marketplace, FxOS users support: FxOS 1.x users will be supported until June 2017 (meaning fixing critical bugs only affecting to 1.x is not assured). FxOS 2.0 users will be supported until Q1 2018 (when potential decommission will be considered).
  • Marketplace, Operator Shelves: it will be supported until Q1 2018
  • Marketplace, App submission: EOL June 2017 (for Tarako and in China, Q1 2016)
  • Marketplace, Payments: it will be switched off in Q1 2016 (very little user impact).
  • Marketplace, Content: maintaining critical most popular apps alive in the marketplace is critical to provide a fair service to current FxOS users. BD engaging with major content partners to try to assure some minimum support to existing key apps.
  • Public Facing Mozilla sites: updates/archives or even decommissions of public Mozilla sites pertaining to FxOS: Wikis (TBD), MDN (plan here), disable Mobile Partner site, reorg of some pages (bug 1239863).
Vaani Validation (Aaron/Sandip) In Progress
  • Vaani Work Week (@Berlin) Meeting Summary
  • First prototype target is to create a Vaani SDK
  • Q: What’s the point of creating this? (Ken) -> Enable voice control in specific devices like Smart Home hubs, thermostats, music players.
  • Repo strategy
  • Test strategy
Project Link Validation Stage (Mars/Preeti) In Progress
  • 4 work streams started (technical, legal, ux, market research)
  • Weekly progress
  • First engineering milestone, “walking skeleton 1”, possibly reached this week
  • Opening development to the community is a big question for the team
    • [Peter] The board wants this to wait until we know which projects pass gate 0.
    • ai: confirm with Karen Ward’s team if we can create public wikis
Smart TV for 2.6 Josh In Progress
  • In review 2.6 plan (in parallel) with smartphone codebase transition plan
Smart TV Next Gen Validation (Joe/Josh) In Progress
  • Through extensive discussions, we are now focusing on identifying key uses cases in 3 areas: family, social, casual gaming. Likely to be back to product innovation process in March