Connected Devices Weekly Update/2016-02-23

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Program Status Notes
Firefox OS Smartphone Sunset

Smartphone Sunset Program Mana Site
Smartphone Transition Public Wiki

Code Transition (Julie) In Planning
  • Transition plan has been finalized and approved. Removing packaged app support and the current security model will be the main focus for the transition project. High level overview of the work is provided in the plan.
  • The work proposed in the code transition plan will be done in a new branch and merged back into the master branch after Firefox OS 2.6 for TV branches, which is planned for Aug. 1st at this point.
  • The contributor community will take on ownership and maintenance of the smartphone code.
  • A plan is already being developed by the Participation team to transition the code to the contributor community
  • A program update will be made at Thursday’s All Hands and then a public wiki developed.
  • Links:
  • Transition Plan for Firefox OS Code Base
  • Firefox OS for Smartphone Sunset Program Dashboard
Foxfooding (Jean) In Planning
  • Detail Email to community to be sent by Feb 25 announcing update on Foxfooding program.
  • This detail email contains instructions to Participants who choose to continue or withdraw from Foxfooding program.
  • Have since identified a need to create a build with the "dogfood" flag = 0 to disable data collection. Foxfooders will need to accept this 2.6 OTA. Build currently being tested by Naoki to be released Feb 25.
  • Bug 1248791 - Need OTA build with Dogfood = 0 to disable data collection
Community Messaging (George) In Planning
  • Plan is to keep the community informed at a high level until a code transition plan is finalized and approved.

Connected Devices/Participation Wiki
Marketplace Wiki

  • Participation team is developing the plan to handover the code once transition is completed.
Smartphone Commercial Sunset (David) In Planning (almost finished)

Link to complete Ramp-Down plan (also included in mana)

  • Collecting legal, business and technical (non-code) aspects to keep supporting current FxOS users through a transition period (
  • recommended until Q1 2018


  • Legal & Relationships: making sure that all carrier and retail agreements are terminated by Q1 2018.
  • OWDCRB: CRB informed of our CD pivot. OWDCRB needs to take a decision about future of the forum.
  • Support for emergency fixes: contingency plan in case a very serious security vulnerability would be detected in any of the commercial builds.
  • PNS: all hosted by Mozilla currently. Targeting to assure support at least until Q1 2018.
  • AGPS support: in case of SPRD devices provided by third-party (Here maps). Content BD team worked to assure the continuation of the service to the active devices.
  • SUMO: No plans for discontinuation.
  • Marketplace, FxOS users support: FxOS 1.x users will be supported until June 2017 (meaning fixing critical bugs only affecting to 1.x is not assured). FxOS 2.0 users will be supported until Q1 2018 (when potential decommission will be considered).
  • Marketplace, Operator Shelves: it will be supported until Q1 2018
  • Marketplace, App submission: EOL June 2017 (for Tarako and in China, Q1 2016)
  • Marketplace, Payments: it will be switched off in Q1 2016 (very little user impact).
  • Marketplace, Content: maintaining critical most popular apps alive in the marketplace is critical to provide a fair service to current FxOS users. BD engaging with major content partners to try to assure some minimum support to existing key apps.
  • Public Facing Mozilla sites: updates/archives or even decommissions of public Mozilla sites pertaining to FxOS: Wikis (TBD), MDN (plan here), disable Mobile Partner site, reorg of some pages (bug 1239863).
Vaani Validation (Aaron/Sandip) In Progress
  • Market validation with device makers (in progress)
  • First prototype target is to create a Vaani SDK
    • Team focused on creating STT prototype, and integration w/ OpenHAB
    • Voice prompt scripts, dynamic TTS
    • UX flows, commands review
  • Repo strategy [Updated]
  • Create repo under mozilla and move to new repo :
  • Program management table - milestone, schedule and dependencies
Project Link Validation Stage (Mars/Preeti) In Progress
  • 4 work streams started (technical, legal, ux, market research)
  • Weekly progress
  • First engineering milestone, “walking skeleton 1”, possibly reached this week
  • Met with innovation board last week, happy with progress and goals
  • Upcoming project rename to fit new innovation process policy and brand guidelines
Smart TV for 2.6 Josh In Progress
  • 2.6 Plan
    • Transition team will branch out the transition work while TV stays on master.
    • TV can carry on till 1 August on master, aka 2.6
    • When transition work is ready and we can see the advantages and then we can merge it back into master
  • System app merge update (Michael)
  • Platform sheriff support until E/Feb. TV team has discussed with Doug and will have 2 team members study RelEng skill with platform RelEng team.
Smart TV Next Gen Validation (Joe/Josh) In Progress
Metrics for CD Maria
  • The new Connected Devices Metrics framework is in progress
    • The idea is using the unified Telemetry pipeline for data processing and reporting.
    • A first template for a CD ping has been drafted so it can be used to send specific data and measures to the pipeline
    • Next step is sharing it with the trains that are in a more mature state (passed Gate0) to iterate/test the proposal
Other Announcements -- --
  • We will be communicating which projects will move forward at this Thursday’s All Hands meeting. Public wikis will be put together for these projects.
  • Research for validation of these efforts will be conducted. Reach out to Lindsay for this need.
  • We’re figuring out different ways in which to get the community engaged in the new projects. Contributors maybe shouldn’t be quick to return their phones in case they’re needed going forward for other projects.
  • Foxlink development can happen in the open. There’s now a general policy for all innovation projects. Refer to Tony Appleton or Porfirio for details.