Connected Devices Weekly Update/2016-03-01

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Program Status Notes
Firefox OS Smartphone Sunset

Smartphone Sunset Program Mana Site
Smartphone Transition Public Wiki

Code Transition (Julie) On Target
  • A smartphone sunset update was made at last Thursday’s All Hands. Feb. 25th CD All Hands
  • Breakdown of the code transition development work is being worked on this week with the engineers. Meta bugs are being filed so that bugs can be filed under them and the work easily tracked.
  • Transition work is expected to take 3-5 months to complete. Breakage is expected but as much breakage as possible will be fixed by the end of the transition period.
  • Determining build and test requirements.
  • A plan will be developed by a team assembled of volunteers and staff to transition the code. Kick-off meeting is being held by participation team so that transition planning can begin for the volunteer community to take over ownership of the code once the transition has been completed. Update on B2G OS Code Transition
  • Public wikis are being worked on.

Other Reference Links:

Foxfooding (Jean) DONE
  • Detail Email to community to be sent on Mar 1 announcing update on Foxfooding program.
  • This detail email contains instructions to Participants who choose to continue or withdraw from Foxfooding program.
  • OTA update has been released by Naoki on Mar 1
  • Have since identified a need to create a build with the "dogfood" flag = 0 to disable data collection. Foxfooders will need to accept this 2.6 OTA. Build currently being tested by Naoki to be released Feb 25.
  • Bug 1248791 - Need OTA build with Dogfood = 0 to disable data collection
Community Messaging (George) On Target
Smartphone Commercial Sunset (David) On Target

Link to complete Ramp-Down plan
(also included in mana)

  • Evaluations of all agreements have been completed (Most agreements to be terminated by Q1 2018, if not sooner).
  • OWDCRB: CRB informed of our CD pivot. OWDCRB needs to take a decision about future of the forum.
  • Support for emergency fixes: If a very serious security vulnerability or device issue were detected in any of the commercial builds Mozilla would fix it.
  • PNS: all hosted by Mozilla currently. Targeting to assure support at least until Q1 2018.
  • AGPS support: in case of SPRD devices provided by third-party (Here maps). Content BD team worked to secure the continuation of the service to the active devices for three years.
  • SUMO: No plans for discontinuation. Maintenance of content is planned and minimum support will be provided to end users.
  • Marketplace, FxOS users support: FxOS 1.x users will be supported until June 2017 (meaning fixing critical bugs only affecting to 1.x is not assured). FxOS 2.0 users will be supported until Q1 2018 (when potential decommission will be considered).
  • Marketplace, Operator Shelves: it will be supported until Q1 2018
  • Marketplace, App submission: EOL June 2017 (for Tarako and in China, Q1 2016)
  • Marketplace, Payments: it will be switched off in Q1 2016 (very little user impact).
  • Marketplace, Content: maintaining critical most popular apps alive in the marketplace is critical to provide a fair service to current FxOS users. BD engaging with major content partners to try to assure some minimum support to existing key apps.
  • Public Facing Mozilla sites: updates/archives or even decommissions of public Mozilla sites pertaining to FxOS: Wikis (TBD), MDN (plan here), disable Mobile Partner site, reorg of some pages (bug 1239863).
Vaani Validation (Aaron/Sandip) On Target
  • Market validation with device makers - 3 received (Musaic, OpenHAB, Qivicon)
  • Corpora purchase approved
  • Prototype is in progress
    • Team focused on creating STT prototype, and integration w/ OpenHAB
    • Voice prompt scripts, dynamic TTS
    • UX flows, commands review
  • Repo strategy [Updated]
  • Program Milestone tracking table - milestone, schedule and dependencies
Project Link Validation Stage (Mars/Preeti) On Target
  • Project renamed to ‘Project Link’
  • End-to-end discovery and control of a Hue lightbulb is working!
    • discover the Hue hub
    • pair with the Hue hub
    • read the light’s state and change it’s colour via a web API request sent to the Link hub
  • Adapters for ip camera and upnp are implemented; z-wave adapter, ifttt base, and remote access work is in progress.
  • Interaction draft specs are ready for initial review
  • Last steps to next milestone:
    • authentication, integration tests, web UI for controlling the bulb
  • Project docs, wiki, code are open
  • Weekly progress
Smart TV for 2.6 Josh On Target
  • 2.6 Plan
    • Finish current work on 2.6 - Branch on April 18 (Firefox 48)
    • Only work on low hanging fruits - finish what we did not finish in 2.5.
    • Minimal participation effort on TV contents / Nexus Player
    • Detail items in 2.6:
Metrics for CD Maria On Target
  • A first proposal for the Connected Devices Ping has been drafted and shared with the Firefox Measurement team to obtain feedback
  • It’s also been shared with Link and Vaani projects
WADI Thomas/Bill On Target

Q1 deliverables on track,

  • Engineering focused on WordPress plugins to deliver modern web app technologies to bloggers
  • BD held series of meetings with Tier 1 partners in office & at MWC. Working to produce regular pipeline updates with Salesforce

Great workshop last week hosted by Moz and Flipkart and Chrome, tier 1 attendees For more info:

Comment from staff engineer at highway1 IoT incubator: “oh yeah, all of these [IoT] startups are building a native app”

Research Lindsay On Target

Research Structure:

Next Steps:

  • Team to provide feedback on the research structure
  • Finalize the list of tasks to prioritize (Rory has a list on the wiki)
  • Validate the list of tasks to prioritize


  • Initial draft of the structure
  • Liz contacted and is fine with the research team using the Wiki she set up
  • Initial wiki is being set up by Rory. Check it out!
Project SmartHome Maria/Liz On Target * TBA
Project Sensor Web Cindy/Wesley On Target
  • Prototyping for gate 1.
  • ETA June 2016.
Porting Nicole/David/Peter On Target
  • b2g add-on installer:
    • is done and working with telemetry to compile data
    • get the add-on ready with Cyanogen devices to show we support flashing on those devices.
  • RPi2
    • submitted patches for graphics and working on mouse pointer
    • some legal issues are being figured out (Follow up with Braden)
    • faster to split into two stages: first make small announcement then follow up with PR/PM with bigger announcement
  • CyanogenMod build instructions can be published to community members that are interested once finished up by Braden (legal)
FlyWeb Nicole/Dylan On Target

created list of things to do:

  • currently working on UI, security, and advertising clients
  • core architecture in gecko
  • can discover on fennec and desktop
  • leaning towards wifi direct for next step for back-end implementation
  • most connected devices have wifi/wifidirect and BLE
  • at a point where we are able to take in more resources and team is coming up with a “work posting”
  • starting to plan for london
Other Announcements -- --
  • [Jean] Creating new bugzilla product: Connected Devices and new components Link, Smart Home, Sensor Web and Vaani?
    • Bug 1252472 - Request for New Product "Connected Devices"
  • OWDCRB board meeting planned for Mar 10th at 6 AM PST
    • pivoting to connected devices from firefoxOS
  • We communicated which projects will move forward at last Thursday’s All Hands meeting. Public wikis are being put together for these projects.
    • ai: candice will add Porfirio
  • Research for validation of these efforts will be conducted. Reach out to Lindsay for this need.
  • We’re figuring out different ways in which to get the community engaged in the new projects. Contributors maybe shouldn’t be quick to return their phones in case they’re needed going forward for other projects.
  • Kite? Any update? Pdol?
    • decision: doesn’t fit within the mandate of CD. Discussion with Mayo going on. Reviewing and waiting on response. Currently on hold.