Connected Devices Weekly Update/2016-03-08

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Program Status Notes
Firefox OS Smartphone Sunset

Smartphone Sunset Program Mana Site
Smartphone Transition Public Wiki

Code Transition (Julie) On Target
  • Code transition development work is underway. Meta bugs have been opened so that bugs can be filed under them and the work easily tracked.
  • Transition work is expected to take 3-5 months to complete. Breakage is expected but as much breakage as possible will be fixed by the end of the transition period.
  • Working with RelEng on what builds to continue to maintain
  • Timeline with milestones is the next goal.
  • Public wikis are being worked on. Smartphone Transition Public Wiki

Other Reference Links:

Foxfooding (Jean) On Target
  • Started deleting participants from Foxfood tracking list who have replied to “opt out” of foxfooding program.
Community Messaging (George) On Target
  • A plan will be developed by a team assembled of volunteers and staff to transition the code. Kick-off meeting is being held March 10th at 10:30 AM PST by participation team so that transition planning can begin for the volunteer community to take over ownership of the code once the transition has been completed. Update on B2G OS Code Transition

Other Reference Links:

Smartphone Commercial Sunset (David) On Target

Link to complete Ramp-Down plan (also included in mana)

Main updates this week:

  • OWDCRB call this week to discuss future of the CRB forum.
  • Mobile partner site already redirected (not available for the public)
  • Action plan for marketplace, content and PNS already agreed. IT support agreed for 2016. In discussion for 2017.
  • Moz Payments will turn off on 03/29
Vaani Validation (Aaron/Sandip) On Target


  • Ongoing discussion with voice talent
  • Milestone 3 Target as end-to end use case - "As a user, I would like control my floor lamp with voice"
    • Speech to Text
    • Text to Speech
    • Wakeword ("hey Vaani, turn on (off) the floor lamp")
    • IOT integration (OpenHAB )
  • Created automated framework for running tests from local Mac that are run on Rpi
  • Worked on Community Planning Document
  • Meeting with EPM/RM/QA to discuss outstanding tasks on CI and Repo.
  • Program Milestone tracking table - milestone, schedule and dependencies
Project Link Validation Stage (Mars/Preeti) On Target
  • Week 6 of 12
  • Prototype Progress
    • Walking Skeleton Milestone 1 and 2 are code complete, waiting on integration test infrastructure build-out this week before we call them “Done”.
    • Walking Skeleton Milestone 3 and 4 are being developed this week. Estimated 1-3 weeks to complete, depending on technical explorations this week.
      • Solved! Technical discussions and tasks decided to implement a solution for ‘security everywhere’ (we decided how to implement the secure tunnel)
      • The web app now discovers the box using the registration server.
    • Integration test framework built
    • Endpoint authentication was added
    • Work progressing on IFTTT engine, camera, motion sensors and z-wave protocol.
  • Project:
    • Team formalized product backlog and planned the next two weeks of work. You can view the backlog here.
    • Work week in MTV planned for March 21st.
  • UX:
    • UX review of prototype homescreen and device control screens, implementation and visuals in progress
    • UX review of “IFTTT” recipe screens this week
  • Participation: Public development mailing list being set up
  • MarComm: Project Link got some press mentions this week
Smart TV for 2.6 Josh On Target
  • 2.6 scoped finalized:
  • Finish current work on 2.6 - Branch on April 18 (Firefox 48)
  • Post 2.6: Start Platform TV discussion:, will finalized and discuss with platform team maybe next week.
Smart TV Next Gen Validation (Joe/Josh) On Target
Metrics for CD Maria On Target
  • Metrics wiki already available
  • Our goal is starting to work in the trains to check feasibility of the proposed CD ping. Link and Vanni are the best candidates right now so we will start working directly with them, helping to send row data to the Telemetry Pipeline
  • Working on a presentation for Connected Devices Product Management (end of March)
WADI Thomas/Bill On Target
  • General
    • Push notifications averaging ~360k/day (over the past week)
  • Partnerships
    • Major Tier 1 partner about to pilot Push notifications to 1% of Firefox users (expected 1m subscribed to notifications). If all goes well they will then roll out to entire Firefox User base in 3-4 weeks.
    • Several partners now using PWA technologies; stubhub,, slack, Vice, GoRoost, Onesignal, etc.
  • Engineering
    • Wordpress Plugins for Push and Offline on track for completion by end of Q1.
    • MVP of crawler to land by end of quarter. This will enable our team to monitor the number of websites adoption PWA technologies.
Research Lindsay On Target


  • Setting up a wiki that has links out to all of the research streams

Technical Discovery

  • Kicking off with the team on Monday 3/14
  • We have identified the first projects as well as the engineers who will be working with them on the kickoff
  • Initial Priority list

User research

  • Working with HR to get a user research contractor
  • Putting together a list of requests to highlight where a research request has been made for a train
Jira Plug-In Jean Project Scoping
  • Project currently in re-scoping and cost estimation from vendor
  • Need minimal BMO support to maintain Bugzilla testing instance (setup Bugzilla testing instance, patch reviews etc)
    • Reviewing with Platform team Wed 3/9
  • Provide new project cost estimation to Karen by end of day
Milestone for this week
  • updated cost estimation from vendor
  • project wiki by EOW
Other links
  • Done! Bug 1252472 - Request for New Product "Connected Devices" and new corresponding Components
  • New components to add Participation, Research, Metrics
  • Bug 1205304 - Jira Agile unlimited licence renewal
  • Bug 1248763 - [NG] PO request for Jira/Bugzilla Plugin Implementation
Project SmartHome Maria/Liz On Target
  • We started yesterday with a preliminar Kick off meeting
  • Working on the goals / use cases that we would like to show in London
  • More info in Smart Home Wiki
Project Sensor Web Cindy/Wesley On Target


  • News: Have a pizza box RPi2+PM2.5 sensor working.
  • In progress and to be done this week:
    • Eng tasks (Bug 1252350) break down and prioritized into P1/P2/P3, where P1 will be the MVP for April18 milestone.
    • UX/Visual design ready (end user’s landing page) for development
    • Project master plan
Porting Nicole/David/Peter On Target
  • Porting Firefox OS Transition
    • 6-10 engineer staff support
    • open participation call to community
  • B2G installer add-on
    • Announced march 5 over dev-fxos mailing list
    • looking for community member to step up and take ownership of this after announcement. Alissy already in contact with people to do that.
  • possible nexus player port for smartTV
  • RPi2
    • still working on bug fixing (graphics and mouse pointer)
    • legal is reviewing
    • went over details of announcement
FlyWeb Nicole/Dylan On Target
  • Meeting with CD
    • adding resources based on needs (i.e. BLE, Wifi Direct)
  • Creating Roadmap document
  • Demo Proposals for London (P2P and CD)
  • Meet-up in Toronto April 4th week with core team and UI/UX and Product
Participation Update David P On Target
  • Kicking off participation activities with CD trains. Arranging calls with PMs and PgMs of each team. We are in the process to identify participation opportunities (that are different for each train).
  • B2G OS update to the community call with the community this Thursday
Other Announcements -- --
Questions -- --
  • CD calendar?
  • B2G to CD vidyo room? Better creating a new one instead of removing B2G
  • Will be shared the google doc? we can create a wiki page with the weekly updates