Connected Devices Weekly Update/2016-03-15

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Program Status Notes
Vaani Validation (Aaron/Sandip) On Target
  • Engineers are focusing on Prototyping as 1st showcase which targeted by this week
    • End-to-end use case - "As a user, I would like control my floor lamp with voice"
      • Speech to Text
      • Text to Speech
      • Triggering Word ("hey Vaani, turn on (off) the floor lamp")
      • IOT integration (OpenHAB )
  • Vaani MVP Architecture -
  • Discussed with Metrics group to make dashboard powered by Telemetry
  • Guiding community to explore OpenHab and Pocketsphinx on RPi using One and Done
  • Program Milestone tracking table - milestone, schedule and dependencies
Project Link Validation Stage (Mars/Preeti) On Target
  • End-to-end tests running!
  • Walking Skeleton stories 1 & 2 functionally complete, test framework in progress
  • Walking Skeleton stories 3 & 4 in progress
  • Demos of Webpush, OpenZWave, Account creation pages, IP Camera, Chromecast
  • Innovation board progress update this week
  • Market research starting next week
  • London demo planning started
  • Participation ideas call this week
  • Work week next week in MTV
  • Full list of weekly updates
Smart TV for 2.6 Josh On Target
Smart TV Next Gen Validation (Joe/Josh) On Target
WADI Thomas/Bill On Target
  • General
  • Partnerships
    • Major Social network provider has rolled out Push notifications services to internal testing audience (~1000 users). Over the several weeks this is expected to incrementally increase upwards of 100m+ subscribed users.
  • Engineering (no significant updates from last week)
    • Word Press plugins for Push, Offline, and Add to Homescreen still on track for end of Q1 completion
    • Crawler MVP on track for end of Q1.
Research Lindsay On Target
  • We have kicked off the technical research with the team
  • Current research includes, Zigby, Z wave, AWS ioT, Open WRT/DD-WRT, Johnny-Five, Google's Physical Web, Google Weave/Brillo, IBM Watson
  • The team is starting their experiments and will have the next standup on Thursday to review progress
  • Working on getting the user research contractors who should start 3/21
  • email list and irc channel #ResearchTeam are ready to be joined if you would like to follow updates
  • Wiki will be up this week for all 3 of the research avenues, technical, user and market
Project SmartHome Maria/Liz On Target
  • Smart home research plan already drafted (it will take around 6 weeks)
    • It will identify and test the user hypotheses before we start building
    • It's divided in 3 phases
  • For the time being engineering team is focused on exploring the current technology
  • We are planning to have a working week from 4th to 8th April in Portland, where we can start working on the implementation of the solution
Project Sensor Web Cindy/Wesley On Target
  • Program wiki updated
  • Upcoming milestones
    • 3/28 demo-able end user scenario with web pages. (Dummy PM2.5 data from the pizza box R-Pi2 or hardcoded)
    • 4/18 P1 bugs (namely the MVP) complete.
Porting Nicole/David/Peter On Target
  • Smart TV
    • Brian in communication with TPE about possible opportunities to have community involvement.
  • Fairphone 2
    • Juan helping folks working on Fairphone 2 who still want to host builds
  • Rpi2
    • same state as last week
    • waiting for flash script to be reviewed
FlyWeb Nicole/Dylan On Target
  • Roadmap into Q2 completed
  • Landed http server
  • working on JS implementation for advertising
  • Work week in TOR April 4-8 for UI/UX Ideation
Firefox OS Smartphone Sunset

Smartphone Transition Wiki
Smartphone Code Transition Wiki
Smartphone Commercial Transition Wiki
B2G OS Transition to Community Wiki

Smartphone Commercial Sunset (David) On Target

Main updates this week:

  • Working with Product Marketing team to update/review the pages/sites related to Firefox OS (sites like, branding site, etc).
  • Legal to send some notices to partners this week
  • Some summarized info (skipping partner-related info and legal info) is being published in a wiki). This is work in progress.
Code Transition (Julie) On Target
  • Engineering team formed and assignments made. Work has begun. Need to develop a schedule with milestones.
  • Currently dealing with a lot of breakage and working on fixes. This was expected.
  • Team is meeting weekly at Taipei and Europe friendly times.
Foxfooding (Jean) On Target
  • Last Foxfooding OTA update released March 2 to users. This OTA build has foxfooding flag for data collection turned off
  • Jean and Vik are deleting Community Foxfood users who "Opt-Out" of foxfooding program from tracking list as required by Legal
Transition to Volunteer Community (George) On Target
  • Kick-off meeting was held March 10th to form a team of Mozilla staff and volunteer contributors to develop a plan to transition b2g OS to the volunteer community. About 40 people attended. Check minutes in this Etherpad.
  • Working groups were formed to identify next steps
Participation Update David P On Target
  • Participation team is already working with the EPMs and PMs of each of the trains that have passed Gate 0 to explore and identify contribution opportunities for the community (specific measurable tasks to be performed by the community)
  • Participation Hub will be redesigned to be focused on CD activities (work in progress, ETA end of April)
  • Kick-off meeting for B2G OS was held last Thursday
Metrics for CD Maria On Target
  • CD crash ping format already drafted
  • Team is working in designing/creating Metrics Library/ies architecture that trains as Link and Vanni could use
    • It’s based on David Teller’s Metrics Rust library but needs to be adapted and include a new Controler library
    • Also for projects based in Java technologies (e.g vaani) we are developing a component that let them invoke the Rust native library via Java Native Access (JNA)
  • Tracking the work in Trello the current tasks right now, during this week we should set the deliverables and milestones for H1
Other Announcements David B --
  • Do Monkey - Brainstorm coming up. Overview today at research and strategy meeting 12:30 Pacific Time
  • Marketplace - going dormant for phones 2 weeks. Working on next gen requirements for TV.