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Program Status Notes
Vaani Validation (Lindsay/Sandip) On Target
  • Team is currently working on narrowing their target user and solidifying a hypothesis
  • Based on the user research some pivots need to be made in the product and the team is aiming to have that done with the MVP in place for London
  • You can see the updated list of next steps in the Vaani Milestones
  • London Demos
    • Vaani on RPi
      • Real time infotainment
      • Home automation and device control
    • Kitchen Timer using voice
Project Link Validation Stage (Julie/Preeti) On Target

Target market segment for study: Families in the US with 2 or more kids in elementary schools (PS-5), all living together in the same household; both the parents are working full time from 9am to 5pm and are between 30 & 40 yrs old, well educated, and in a medium to high income bracket.

  • We believe:
    • These families are leading an extremely busy & demanding lifestyle constantly juggling many different aspects of their daily life spanning home, work, kids, shopping, hobbies etc.
    • These families seem to always be short on time.
    • They are overwhelmed with their day to day routines that they feel they haven’t had enough time to spend on things close to their heart.
    • These families crave to have some time back on their hands; a simple way for them to get stuff done, but not have to spend an eternal amount of time on it.

The study, which included interviews of 18 families in the targeted segment, tested the following hypotheses:

  • The busy families want an easy way to help them with personalized reminders & memos for various people in their household.
  • The busy families want a way their children can interact with a device that can help with homework
  • The busy families want a simple way to order groceries (etc.) & get it delivered without having to use a screen no matter whether they are home or away.
  • The busy families want an easy way for everyone in their household to listen to music without any supervision or screen time.

Research data synthesized from these interviews tells us that busy families:

  • Want an easy way to create & manage their household calendars to enable communication between their families and associated caretakers (nanny, baby sitter, grandparents)
  • Would like for an easy & intuitive way to play their shows on the TV along with the ability to retain custom preferences & share recommendations based on these preferences
  • Have a desire to equip their homes with smart devices that they would like to control from within their house & remotely
  • Would like for a way to order groceries from recipes and/or get recommendations for recipes based on the groceries at home
  • Want a way to create to-do lists & shopping lists that is accessible from anywhere

Current step: MVP definition

  • Team is brainstorming features and functionality, based on the research, to include in the MVP. Sessions were held last week and more are being held this week.
  • Link team is simultaneously investigating collaborations or partnerships with 3rd parties.
Smart TV for 2.6 Josh On Target
Project SmartHome Maria/Liz On Target
  • Creating an ambient method of communicating for 12 to 15 year old girls will create fewer interruptions that distract them from being in the moment at home and at school and improve their personal connections.

Research update

  • Our User Study finished last Sunday (May 29th) after 5 days of User Research. Here you can find some team thoughts on observing the "unboxing"experience
  • Prototypes and Diaries will be pick up today and Liz and Katie will be in MTV this week for the post-interviews. The goal is finding out how the girls used the device for their own needs, their level of interest, and their ideas around preferred form factor.
  • Today the team will analyze the Metrics and Data Patterns gathered in the study to share the top Level findings per pair, per device, and overall. They will be used to develop specific questions for each of the pairs/girls during the post-interviews
  • At the same time, the team will analyze the pre-interviews with the girls to find out patterns and motivations in existing communication methods used by the girls
  • For more info about the User Study and following steps, you can check the slides and the video recording of our fourth Check in (May 27th)
  • We’re planning to have some preliminary findings to share in London
Project Magnet Maria/Francisco On Target


  • We believe that broadcasting professional content (e.g. professional websites, contact info, twitter, etc) for conference presenters will help presenters promote themselves more easily than current methods


  • Interviews finished last Friday, we are right now analyzing the results to determine following steps. We hope having our first findings during this week


  • Some tasks pending from Sprint 3 (check Magnet Waffle). Today we are having our Sprint 4 Planning, where we will prioritize all the tasks related to set up a User Study during London All Hands.
  • Test plan for Magnet app (together with the User Stories and the Acceptance Criteria) and sched integration already available in our wiki


  • Logistics ongoing to prepare a new User Study during London All hands
  • Last recordings for London video will be finished this week
  • We will have our first Project Check-in this Thursday
Project Sensor Web Cindy/Wesley On Target
  • General updates
    • Hosted workshop in local TW community to introduce sensorweb and hand on bringing up a sensor station. Expecting more sensot stations to be added to Taipei area (stay tuned)
    • Moz Rep is supporting sensor station deployment in London area (stay tuned. Should be done before London All hands)
  • What’s done
    • ( Feedback forms for “contribute” and “i have an idea” are now up and running with appropriate messages to end users
  • What’s next
    • Deliver Bug 1271206 (SensorWeb Q2 goals)
    • keep on deploying to schools. (Fix the WiFi connectivity issue in Da Quan elementary school)
    • Fine tuning hypothesis and design accordingly experiments to execute
    • London ww preparation
  • Upcoming Milestone:
Porting Nicole/David/Peter On Target
Metrics for CD Maria/Dylan On Target
  • First integration of a train with CD Metrics:
    • The team has been helping to Smart Home team to collect data in real time and building the dashboards that will help them to identify usage patterns in his second User Study.
    • It's been done through Google Analytics, POST request, Big Query and Periscope to visualize the data. It's been a success that has helped CD team to verify the chosen framework and also a great feedback to improve our CD library (e.g. it's been added TimeStamp parameter)
  • Team is also working in compiling Metrics library into a Raspberry Pi.
  • Metrics wiki have been updated with all the info about the new CD Framework for collecting Metrics based on Google Analytics Measurement Protocol API and the use of Big Query together with several visualization tools to ensure that metric data can be easily analyzed by the trains.
Research Team Lindsay On Target
  • Research on the backlog of new ideas has begun!
  • You can see the scores on the Mana
  • For further information about how a product was scored, please click on the "full review" link in the backlog table.
  • The team is taking this week to review the research perimeters and ensure they are in line with how we would like to score each of the products
  • The team is going to be pulling out and posting key learning in the table as well this week
Firefox OS Smartphone Sunset

Smartphone Transition Wiki

Smartphone Commercial Sunset (Karen) On Target
  • Smartphone Commercial Transition Wiki
  • Plan to continue support thru Q1 2018. Have some logistics to resolve for the period from Jan 1 2017 to March 31 2018. Will continue to keep an eye on that.
Code Transition (Julie) On Target
  • Smartphone Code Transition Wiki
  • Code transition work assigned to staff to be completed by EOB May 31. A few loose ends remain.
  • Still expect to merge into mozilla-central/master soon.
    • Tests are green on Linux 64 bit
    • Apps API will be removed shortly after merge - very large patch
    • C++11 standard library support enabled on all Tier-1 platforms. Progress on resolving C++11 related breakage.
    • Removing support for STL port will likely to cause B2G breakage
  • Dialer works for outgoing calls. Incoming calls still don’t work (missing alternative to system messages)
    • Some buttons on the call screen don’t work
    • Call log not working (missing alternative to system messages
Transition to Volunteer Community (Valentin) On Target

Global overview:

  • 16 candidate volunteers for mentoring sessions, up from 13 a week ago; 165 people on Telegram, up from 144 a week ago; 261 people on IRC
  • Meetings on Thursday at 18:30 CEST/16:30 UTC/9:30am PDT/22:00 IST where you can participate in the following:

Building and Porting (~10 volunteers)

  • There are regular volunteer builds for flame and volunteer builds for Open C
  • B2G installer addon signed, will be available on soon

Infrastructure (2 volunteers)

  • Mozilla Corporation can continue to provide B2G infrastructure but not the staff to keep it running. May want a separate instance of certain tools.
  • Need volunteers to run the infrastructure.
  • Potential contributors identified.

Governance (8 volunteers)

  • Provisional Council created for the next 6 months, manifesto in progress
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