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Program Status Notes
Vaani Validation (Lindsay/Sandip) On Target
  • Currently using the learning from the user research done to hone in on the target user and pivot the product
    • Pursue a B2B offering
    • Investigate custom commands with multi-lingual/bi-ligual users etc
    • Investigate in-car use cases
  • Looking at how Mozilla's platform positioning is different than the competitors
    • Open “Skills” Marketplace - Amazon’s marketplace is curated so as to not conflict with Amazon's business goals or their business partners’ goals. Mozilla, in contrast, can curate an unbiased marketplace.
    • Platform White-Labeled by 35+ Companies - The platform we build on is white-labeled by QIVICON Alliance members (SONOS, Philips, Samsung….)
    • Connect Users Directly with “Skills” Providers - Mozilla can disintermediate user transactions, allowing user direct contact with “skills” providers, as our business model doesn’t involve user tracking. (Facilitated by offline recognition)
    • Offer a service layer - Build on top of other voice solutions for specific verticals. e.g. banking
Project Link Validation Stage (Julie/Preeti) On Target

The Project Link research study originally targeted the busy family segment and tested the following hypotheses:

  • The busy families want an easy way to help them with personalized reminders & memos for various people in their household. PROVED
  • The busy families want a way their children can interact with a device that can help with homework DISPROVED
  • The busy families want a simple way to order groceries (etc.) & get it delivered without having to use a screen no matter whether they are home or away. PROVED
  • The busy families want an easy way for everyone in their household to listen to music without any supervision or screen time. PROVED

Next steps:

Target the “Busy Mom” (segment refined after analyzing the study results)

  • Support a way to interact with Link using Voice
  • Implement a 3rd party voice solution - Voice research results were presented to the team last week.

Focus on the “Organize & Coordination” theme

  • Reminders
  • Schedule coordination
  • To-Do List (may be)

Develop our MVP in London

Smart TV for 2.6 Josh On Target
Project Haiku Maria/Liz On Target
  • Creating an ambient method of communicating for 12 to 15 year old girls will create fewer interruptions that distract them from being in the moment at home and at school and improve their personal connections.

Project Name change

  • New official name for the project is "Project Haiku". We are right now replacing all the references in Wiki, GitHub... (More info in this tracking document)
  • In June a blog post will be published communicating officially the change.

Research update

  • Our User Study finished last week (May 29th) after 5 days of User Research. Here you can find some team thoughts on observing the "unboxing" experience
  • The team did a first analysis of the individual pre-interviews with the girls to find out patterns and motivations in existing communication methods used by the girls (before the experiment)
  • Prototypes and Diaries were picked up and Liz and Katie ran the post-interviews with each couple of girls
  • Metrics and Data Patterns gathered in the study were analyzed to share the top Level findings per pair, per device, and overall. They were used to develop specific questions for each of the pairs/girls during the post-interviews
  • We’re planning to have some preliminary findings to share in London.


  • The team is also working on new enhancements or pending tasks that could improve the prototype performance in case of running another user study (detailed list)
Project Magnet Maria/Francisco On Target
  • We believe that broadcasting professional content (e.g. professional websites, contact info, twitter, etc) for conference presenters will help presenters promote themselves more easily than current methods Not validated


  • After interviewing several conference presenters and after the analysis of all the info we have the results of our first User Study. Our previous hypothesis was invalidated but we got other insights from the interviews to form 4 questions:
    • How can we lessen people’s anxiety at conferences?
    • What are the barriers for attendees to provide feedback?
    • Can we make starting a conversation easier?
    • Is Twitter the right tool for what attendees use it for?
  • We are creating 3 types of experiments in London All Hands for further research to have more data about those new hypotheses and get some good insights that let us choose a single direction to follow
    • Sched: Broadcast current happenings in a room to event attendees
    • Reduce Anxiety: Broadcast helpful information to event attendees to help reduce anxiety.
    • Personal Hook: Event attendees broadcast a piece of personal information to make starting conversations easier.
  • A quick Research Plan is being done to send out communications to CD, advertising the experiments and also to collect people's feedback.


  • Team is working on developing all the scenarios for the User Study. List of tasks described in Sprint 4 dashboard in waffle.


  • Last Thursday, project Magnet had his first check in with the Board. Herein you have the slides and the video recording
Project Sensor Web Cindy/Wesley On Target

Porting Nicole/David/Peter On Target
  • Fairphone 2 build still blocked, Novski need some help to apply the patch
    • Lapineige to help out with that
  • Jovan worked on b2g installer signing bugs, 1 is currently reviewed
  • WIP port for Xperia Z2 tablet project so will need some lower levels of gonk to work
Metrics for CD Maria/Dylan On Target
  • First integration of projects with CD Metrics:
    • The team has been helping to Haiku team to collect data in real time and building the dashboards that will help them to identify usage patterns in his second User Study.
      • It's been done through Google Analytics, POST request, Big Query and Periscope to visualize the data. It's been a success that has helped Metrics team to verify the chosen framework and also a great feedback to improve our CD library (e.g. it's been added TimeStamp parameter)
    • Project Magnet has also started to send data using the JavaScript library developed by Metrics team that simplifies the adoption of Google Analytics. We are now working in building the Dashboards to visualize that info
  • Team has also working in compiling Metrics library into a Raspberry Pi.
  • Metrics wiki have been updated with all the info about the new CD Framework for collecting Metrics based on Google Analytics Measurement Protocol API and the use of Big Query together with several visualization tools to ensure that metric data can be easily analyzed by the CD projects.
Research Team Lindsay On Target
  • The research team has started to look into new project ideas that have come up for the CD org. You can see the finding on Mana. The results will be emailed out to the team once all three areas or research have been conducted.
  • The team is still working through the scoring of ideas. This will be reviewed over the next few weeks to ensure we are making the best choices for the three research strains
  • Currently working on the submission process and what it looks like. We can't wait to hear your ideas, we just want to make sure we have everything set up for you before we get them
  • Looking at how to align our Q3 goals as a team to look at not only the short term but also the longer term
  • Project SongBridge: Score 6
  • House of the Future: Score 5
Firefox OS Smartphone Sunset

Smartphone Transition Wiki

Smartphone Commercial Sunset (Karen) On Target
  • Smartphone Commercial Transition Wiki
  • Plan to continue support thru Q1 2018. Have some logistics to resolve for the period from Jan 1 2017 to March 31 2018. Will continue to keep an eye on that.
Code Transition (Julie) Done
Transition to Volunteer Community (Valentin) On Target

Global overview:

  • There's a final monthly transition meeting scheduled for Thursday the 9th at 18:30 CEST/16:30 UTC/9:30am PDT/22:00 IST where you can participate in any of the following ways:
    • B2G Vidyo room
    • B2G OS telegram group
    • '#fxos' IRC channel on

Building and Porting

  • B2G installer is not signed, there are still two bugs to fix
  • Build for z3c and mulet on Mozilla infra. Volunteer builds for flame and Open C fr. Ongoing work on Fairphone2


  • Github repo for (non-technical) task management created
  • Looking for volunteers to contribute to the test/build infra.



  • Work on compatible devices page
  • MDN page has been changed to remove the "transition phase" status
  • Change will be done on the wiki too after transition meeting
  • B2G OS Transition Wiki will no longer be the "root page" > but still available, to have an history of the transition phase
  • Current main page on wiki B2G
  • Need to update the B2G wiki so that it explains all the communication channels and can direct people to the right places
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