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The following are the Stewards and Community Builders involved with bringing in volunteers to functional and regional areas. If you are interested in becoming a Steward, please contact David Boswell.


There are a number of ways to get in touch with these Stewards.

Functional Areas

Area Steward Meeting Times On Get Involved Mailing List
Accessibility David Bolter and Ken Saunders
Addons Amy Tsay Yes
Business Development
Crafting Sabina Brown and Sheeri Cabral Every other Friday at 1 pm pacific No
Coding Mike Hoye (Fx Desktop), Josh Matthews (Fx Desktop) and Margaret Leibovic (Fx Android), Dietrich Ayala (Fx OS), Brian Anderson (Rust) Every other Wednesday at 11 am pacific Yes coding-stewards list
Communications Tristan Nitot
Creative Matej Novak and Lizz Noonan Every other Friday at 11 am pacific Yes
Documentation Janet Swisher and Ali Spivak Yes
Education Michelle Thorne Yes
Engineering Program Management Lawrence Mandel and Sheila Mooney
Evangelism Christian Heilmann
Fundraising Geoffrey MacDougall
IT Matthew Zeier, Tom Farrow and Albert Villarde
Legal Jishnu Menon
Localization Jeff Beatty Yes
Marketing Chelsea Novak Yes
Metrics Annie Elliott
Open Badges Megan Cole Wed @ 9 EST/5 GMT
People Emily Chardac
Privacy and Policy Stacy Martin and Chris Riley
Quality Assurance Karl Thiessen, Rebecca Billings, Liz Henry :lizzard and Marcia Knous Every other Thursday at 3 pacific Yes
Security Assurance
Security Engineering Curtis Koenig
Support Rosana Ardila, Madalina Ana and Ricky Rosario Yes
User Experience Marketplace & Open Web Apps: Tony Santos, Maureen Hanratty Firefox: Zhenshuo Fang, Yuan Wang Firefox OS: Tiffanie Shakespeare Strategy and Insights: Larissa Co, Gemma Petrie, Cori Schauer
Video Richard Milewski
Web Development Luke Crouch, Ricky Rosario and Benjamin Sternthal, Casey Becking Every other Monday at 10:30 am pacific Yes
WPR Jim Cook and Rob Middleton

Product Areas

Area Steward Meeting Times
Firefox OS David Scravaglieri (for Gaia community) and Asa Dotzler Every other Tuesday at 10 AM pacific
Insights and Strategy

Regional Areas

Community Managers

Area Steward
Asia (except Japan and China) Gen Kanai
China Rachel Zhang
Europe Brian King
Japan Tetsuya Kosaka
LATAM Guillermo Movia

Localized Get Involved Pages

Mozilla Spaces

These stewards are available to help make use of Mozilla Spaces around the world.

Area Steward
Berlin William Quiviger and Michelle Thorne
Mountain View
San Francisco Lukas Blakk
Portland Christie Koehler
Vancouver Karen Esterly and Andy McKay

Other Areas

These Stewards are focused on other cities and regions around the world.

Area Steward
Brazil Reuben Morais
Minneapolis/St. Paul Scott Johnson
Munich Carsten Book