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Meeting Info

  • 11 am Pacific Time
  • Vidyo room: DeveloperServices
  • Backchannel in #vcs

Hot items

  • On Call Handoff!!!
    • hwine → fubar (Wednesday)
    • nothing active


Last week

Planned for this week

  • bkero
    • Transition hgweb heads to using a python2.7-venv mod_wsgi
    • Move some 'hg' module Puppet resources to ansible
  • fubar
    • catch up
    • BMO deploy fixes
    • DXR/ES, Rust index
  • gps
    • continue working on metadata server
      • unblocks auto bug filing and eventually auto reviewer selection
      • ... which is a soft blocker on GitHub integration
    • Pulse publishing of GitHub webhooks?
    • Mercurial 3.4.1 deployment?
    • MozReview Review-URL/workflow enhancements?
  • hwine
    • vcs-sync
    • blog post for cvs
    • releng scl3 work planning
  • lmandel
    • Start following up with people about their SVN repos
  • smacleod
    • Review Queue
    • Finish up MozReview LDAP
    • Finish up RB core work

Other business

  • [lmandel] Reviews in 24 hours - push from the platform and platform operations teams to meet this requirement

PTOs, etc

  • Hal will be off the week after whistler


Q2 Goals