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Meeting Info

  • 11 am Pacific Time
  • Vidyo room: DeveloperServices
  • Backchannel in #vcs

Hot items

  • On Call Handoff!!! (fubar -> bkero)


Last week

  • bkero
    • 3.4.1 Mercurial upgrade
      • code review for hg template changes
    • Ported puppet resources to ansible
    • Tested that mods to apache config result in hgweb running py2.7 from venv (need testing)
    • Patched puppet modules to not restart httpd service on config changes
    • Wrote parser for our custom access_log format, experimented with indexing/search tools
  • fubar
    • DXR
      • new environ in SCL3, config in ansible
      • jenkins set up to index
    • BMO
      • fix deploy to dump db host
      • web5 weirdness w/ graphite
    • clean up old puppet modules (logstash/lumberjack)
    • SCL3 filers fracas
  • gps
    • Mercurial 3.4.1 running on
    • Wrote and deployed hgmo extension to expose metadata on hgmo
    • Continued work on file info integration into Mercurial (lots of review back and forth)
    • Investigating HTTP 500 errors on (bug 1172739)
    • Dabbled into minor MozReview improvements
  • hwine
    • vcs-sync (now running in parallel on AWS)
    • 5xx zlb investigation bug 1172599
  • lmandel
    • Mostly in person meetings with people in SF/MV
  • smacleod

Planned for this week

  • bkero
    • Disable class in puppet, make ansible-only for hgweb hosts
    • set up py2.7/venv for testing, invite folks to acceptance-test it
    • maybe write ownership/perm auditing tool for hgweb repos
  • fubar
    • DXR
      • cutover staging to SCL3
      • finish jenkins indexing
      • plan for prod cutover to ES/SCL3
    • another round of doc updates
  • gps
    • Get mozbuild Mercurial support landed in mozilla-central
    • Hook up mozbuild file info into
    • Try to find root cause of HTTP 500 errors on
  • hwine
    • vcs-sync
  • lmandel
    • Whistler prep
    • Random manager stuff like R&D tax credits, hr stuff, interviews (not for our team)
    • Follow up from discussions last week
  • smacleod

Other business

  • [lmandel] Only 3 weeks (2 usable weeks) left in Q2. How are Q2 goals progressing?

PTOs, etc

  • bkero PTO wed/fri (still oncall)
  • gps maybe PTO friday


Q2 Goals