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Meeting Info

  • 11 am Pacific Time
  • Vidyo room: DeveloperServices
  • Backchannel in #vcs

Hot items

  • On Call Handoff!!!
    • hwine already grabbed until bkero is back-up


Last week

  • bkero
  • fubar
    • DXR staging issues, w/ devs
    • jenkins builds running
  • gps
    • Mercurial reading and related work landed in Firefox build system
    • integration with
      • researched security options
    • performance follow-ups to metadata introduction
    • work to enable pushrebase extension
      • will likely require upstream fixes to extension
    • support ReviewBoard production deployments
    • Mercurial status meeting w/ Google and Facebook
      • We should start thinking about deploying remotefilelog
  • hwine
    • vcs-sync - lots of final details
    • vcs-sync logs going to AWS account now
    • modern vcs-sync bug found & fixed ← first one I've dealt with
    • more data pushing to modern mapper
  • lmandel
    • Whistler session scheduling
    • R&D tax credits, hr stuff, interviews all done
    • PTO Monday to "play" in a golf tournament
  • smacleod
    • RB Security & more release fixes
      • Better MozReview diffs now deployed!
      • MozReview tests caught a few regressions in RB Core
        • Tracked down and patched / reviewed regression fixes
      • Work to upgrade to regression fix release 2.0.17

Planned for this week

  • bkero
  • fubar
    • rust on DXR
    • help get staging back to usable, maybe to SCL3
    • changes to docker builder for jenkins
  • gps
    • integration with
    • Whistler prep
    • pushrebase hacking
    • MozReview developer workflow improvements
  • hwine
    • finish vcs-sync
  • lmandel
    • Complete Whistler planning
  • smacleod
    • Finish up MozReview LDAP

Other business

  • [hal] tags, etc, on AWS
  • [lmandel] (Maybe obvious) next week's team meeting is cancelled
  • [lmandel] 2015 to date accomplishments that we want to call out in Whistler?
    • Number of MozReview reviews done - Mark should have already sent something, Steven will check with him first
    • Hg related stats - Greg will pull information about traffic, number of alerts, availability, bundles for reducing clone times
    • Templating in HgWeb (reviewers, etc)
  • [lmandel] Dev Services related Whistler sessions (please add to this list)
    • Tue
      • 9:00-11:00: Mozilla All Hands
      • 1:00-2:00: Platform Kick Off All Hands
    • Wed
      • 9:00-10:00: Platform lightening talks
      • 11:00-12:00: cbeard and Platform
      • 1:00-2:00: PANEL - Distinguished Engineers AMA!
      • 2:00-3:00: DISCUSSION - Developer Sanity
      • 2:00-5:00: HACKING SESSIONS - Treeherder, Mozharness
      • 4:00-5:00: JS Code Coverage
    • Thu
      • 9:00-11:00: Mozilla All Hands
      • 11:00-12:15: moc / releng / relman / devservices meet-up
      • 2:00-5:00: HACKING SESSIONS - Treeherder, MozReview
    • Fri
      • 10:30-11:00: Consuming Version Control at Scale (gps)
      • 2:00-3:00: MozReview and Whistler Wrap Up
  • Rooms may change (hopefully not). All sessions will be listed in Sched
  • Team goals for Whistler
    • What do people want from MozReview - confirm that our goal list is in alignment with what devs want
    • Figure out what to do in the next quarter
    • Hack on MozReview and complete some work that is close
    • Clear direction on where we're going with autoland and partial landings
    • How do we help developers improve the quality of their code in order to improve the quality of our products?
    • Align with what other groups (a-team, releng) are doing
    • Build relationships with people we're supporting and working with
    • Figure out what we're going to do about secrets - credential management wrt MozReview (with other teams)
    • Permissions management for tasks in production - audit, control

PTOs, etc

  • hal off week after whistler


Q2 Goals