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Project Needs

List your project name and _specific_ needs here:

  • Uberproject Wed. Sept. 28, between 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. At least two people to bodystorm for up to 30 minutes to help define use cases. / Saleem Khan
  • InvestigateNet / Thurs., Sept. 29. Depending on how the day is structured, I'd like to get some coding help on my global micro-collaboration for journalists tool. Matt from the BBC has helped to identify some open source tools that should make it easy to rapidly produce a working prototype:
    • osqa.net
    • twilio.com

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Project Offers

List your name and _specific_ offers here:

  • Mark Boas / Can help with jPlayer (jQuery media library), HTML5 media, jQuery general; Transcription
  • Cody Shotwell / Can help with UXD, Photoshop, Illustrator, would love to help add a gamification element to your project
  • Matt Haynes / Available to help with dev work. Ruby, PHP, HTML, JS, etc. Data API's, Search, Transcripts, etc. Give me a shout!
  • Matt Terenzio / anyone can use the web services I'm building (I moved urls and stuff to my project page);
  • Shaminder Dulai / I can offer PhotoShop, UX design, help craft presentations and give insights into newsroom culture. I've worked in various newsrooms from small community papers to a top ten major metro as a photojouranlist, video journalist, writer and multimedia journalist. Give me a shout with your questions.
  • Neil Dawson / I'm into user experience; come to me if you want to talk structure or interface design. I can also help out with a bit of Photoshop, HTML, CSS and simple jQuery.
  • Laurian Gridinoc / General UX, JavaScript, CSS3, PHP, Java, XSLT, RDF, some Natural Language Processing knowledge; I also have graph paper, izometric paper, iPad sketchbook (for paper prototyping) and iPhone and iPad stencils, gray markers, etc.
  • Phillip Smith / If you've got a kernel of an idea for an MVP and need some extra horse power with getting the basics coded and online, come find me. I can make time to help people that need a boost: front-end or back-end.
  • Alina Mierluș / I can give some insights on open source dev. processes, open the project to community, rapid prototyping, communication channels & wiki, open source tools;
  • Saleem Khan / I can help you:
    • Understand organizational news culture and general news practice. I've been a news (local, national, international), business and technology reporter and/or editor spanning print, broadcast and online at the local, national, and international levels.
    • Define, plan and map your project / workflow. I have strong project management skills
    • Frame and refine the story of your project, especially for presentation / pitch.