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Design Document

To begin or restart the experience, click "Start game" in the Status bar.

The current build of Net Detective focuses on gameplay and story mechanics. Future work focuses on usability and direct instructional content (as opposed to games' preference for discovery and practice of search techniques).

Planned Changes

  • General debugging (specifically tab/window related)
  • Playtest and iteration for usability (pending switch to toolbar/panels)
  • Streamline pop-up window interaction (automatic minimization of windows based on refocused tabs or actions towards completing the goal)
  • Include more direct instructional content (tips and tutorials on how to complete actions) as well as tutorial information for actual game operation
  • End-goal bonuses tied to timer
  • Replace status bar with toolbar
  • Replace CSS hack with panels
  • Additional goals and cases (both extending the football prototype, as well as a case in a completely unrelated knowledge domain)