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Release plan

For previous goals, see Elmo/2011Q2.

2011 Q3

  • [CARRY OVER] new designs (peterbe)
    • Get new templates into production (from Lee Tom PSDs to html first)
  • [CARRY OVER] Shipping / l10n stats (pike)
    • Data 1.1 (Pike) - requires new pushes/signoff
      • Adjust the data model to the new rapid release process (pike + stas)
    • (dependency on data 1.1) Merge l10nstats and shipping and get into production. (/dashboard and /shipping/dashboard should merge into one dashboard.) (peterbe + stas)
  • [CARRY OVER] bugsy (stas)
    • Integrate Milos improvements Q2
  • [CARRY OVER] metrics (laura)
    • Deploy a metrics solution (web trends?)
  • [CARRY OVER] Infrasec review (laura)
  • [CARRY OVER] webby (stas)
    • revisit the current form
    • track bedrock / make sure bedrock is what we want it to be (pike + stas)
  • [NEW] drain (laura + pike + milos)
    • implement it to the extent which allow us to do RSS for web dash
  • [NEW] prepare the infrastructure for dev, stage, prod
    • [NEW] liberate buildbot env from the VMs (Pike)
    • [NEW] set up the new boxes for realz (laura)
    • [NEW] claim l10n.mozilla.org (stas)

Unordered items

List your ideas here. They might become goals in the upcoming quarters.


  • message exchange backbone for feeds and notifications: L10n:Dashboard/Apps/Drain
  • For each wireframe, see what sidebar data is required (feeds, watching and announcements).
  • Create a consistent messages API for all apps that can be used to exchange data between them.
  • …as well as to create in-page/feed/mail notifications for registered users.

Create an app that talks to Verbatim

  • Might be a part of [webby] (see below).

[webby] Create the webby app

[profile] Create the profile app

  • contact management and outreach: L10n:Dashboard/Apps/Profile
  • Create [profile] with its views (including snippet views) and models.
  • Evaluate integration options with Sigil.
  • Integrate with [drain] for notifications and the "watch" feature.

[upcoming] Create the projects app

[watching] Create the watching app