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Weekly Meetings

Tuesdays 1700 PDT / 0200 CET / 0800 CST
Laura Forrest Vidyo Room
Physical Meeting Room: 
SFO Cafe Du Norde

Notes during the meeting are transferred here. Full link here: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Engagement/Developer_Engagement/BrowserIDPlan/Weekly_Meetings

Developer Engagement Plan for Persona/Identity

With the rebranding of BrowserID to Persona the outreach is currently based on a very technical level and to a smaller target audience. Once we have the message for end users ready this can change in Q2

Product: Mozilla Dev Tools


Target Audience: Web Developers, App Developers, Users


Developer messages:

  • Persona is a simple way to get verified users without having to store their personal data
  • Persona keeps the control of data in the hand of the end users
  • Persona is the simplest way to allow for personalisation of your data

Speaking materials:

  • Screencasts, reusable slides available at the Grab Bag

Speaking opportunities:

  • Developer conferences
  • JavaScript conferences
  • Unconferences
  • Security conferences

Next steps:

  • Integration of persona in the best practice documentation for Evangelism reps

Individuals responsible