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Last update: 11 July 2014 by Christian Heilmann

Do you want to give a talk and cover a certain product or technology and you are not sure how to? This is a pick'n'mix grab bag of topics, examples of explanations, links to screencasts, products and videos to help you along.

If you have some specific question, contact us either on IRC on #devrel (irc.mozilla.org) or directly via the emails listed on the Technical Evangelism page.

Presentations and presentation templates

We made a conscious decision not to give out fixed presentations to deliver, but we have a few presentations out there that help you get started. Remember though that this is Mozilla: *we do not want you to deliver a preset talk, we want you to be yourself and share what gets you excited about the topic you are talking about*. We are not a company of slides, we're a company of people and individuals. Slides are wallpaper for presentations - they are not the talk. You are.

That said, here are some resources where to find presentations used before by other Mozillians:

[ List of presentations given by Mozillians] (don't be shy, make sure the add yours, but please give it a date as that also indicates a "use by" date)

Talking points, examples and resources about different technologies

Mozilla technology products