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FirefoxOS is an open mobile operating system built by Mozilla and partners. It is the only operating system that treats HTML5 and other open web technologies as a first class citizen.

Technical facts to use in presentations

  • Both the operating system and applications built for Firefox OS are HTML5 - you only need to use HTML5, JavaScript and CSS
  • The operating system is fully open source and available on GitHub
  • Applications for Firefox OS can be found on the Marketplace and installed directly from there. The Marketplace is an HTML5 application in itself and is distributed with the OS. Applications can however also be direclty installed from the Web without having to go through the Marketplace
  • Firefox OS is based on Gonk, which is the same Linux core that powers Android - consider Firefox OS Android without the Java and instead having Gecko, the same browser engine used in Firefox on Desktop as the rendering engine.
  • The Android Developer Bridge (ADB) functionality of Gonk is enabled, which means that you can use Android debugging tools to access the phone and flash a new version of Firefox OS with a USB cable

Distribution facts (July 2014)

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