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Get Involved with Technical Evangelism

Here are ways that you can get involved with technical evangelism for Mozilla.

  • Developer support: Answer developer questions about Firefox and Firefox OS on StackOverflow.
  • Public speaking: If you speak about Mozilla-related topics (or want to start), check out our groups and resources for speakers.
  • Organize events: Run developer-oriented events in your local community.
  • Translate apps: Help developers translate their Firefox OS apps into your language.
  • Give feedback on tools: If you have suggestions for improving Firefox Developer Tools, submit them in our feedback channel.
  • Mobile compatibility: help website owners make their sites work across browsers and devices.

If you want to discuss any of these activities, please join the Evangelism discussion forum. (Note that there is a separate forum specifically for Mobile compatibility.)

Developer support

StackOverflow is one of, if not the, most popular peer support sites for developers. Mozilla sponsors several tags for questions related to Firefox and open web apps. These include 'firefox', 'firefox-os', 'html5-apps', and 'firefox-developer-tools'.

What you can do: Help answer developer questions or help find other experts to answer questions. You can find Mozilla's sponsored tags at this URL: http://www.stackoverflow.com/r/mozilla

Public speaking

Help spread the Mozilla mission by speaking publicly about open Web standards, Web development, Mozilla's open source products, and related topics. We have resources to help you with both content and delivery.


Evangelism Toolkit 
Presentation templates and examples, info about Mozilla, and much more. Not just for Reps.
Developer Events Request Form 
For third-party event organizers to request speakers or sponsorship. (See the Events section below if you are organizing a Mozilla-related event.)


Use these channels to share what you're doing and connect with other Mozilla speakers.

Evangelism discussion forum 
Public discussion forum for evangelism-related topics.
Mozilla Evangelism Reps Facebook group 
For anyone with a Facebook account, who is interested in Mozilla technical evangelism.
Mozspeakers group on Mozillians.org 
For vouched Mozillians, join this group to indicate that you are interested in speaking about Mozilla-related topics, and want to hear about opportunities in your topical and geographic area. Note that to join the group, you must add the following to your profile: (1) A description of your speaking interests; (2) A link to your speaking activity in "External Accounts", such as Lanyrd, Slideshare, or other relevant feed.
Speakers group on Mozilla Exchange yammer 
For vouched Mozillians, join this group on our private social network to discuss public speaking tips and opportunities.

Organize events

If your passion is bringing people together to learn and hack, we have resources to help you!

We also have tips for event hosting.

Event types

Here are a few types of events that you might select to organize:

App Day in a Box 
A full- or half-day event to introduce developers to Firefox OS, and get them started building apps to submit to the Firefox Marketplace.
MDN sprints 
Bring volunteers together to hack on MDN content, code examples, or platform code.
Project-specific Mozilla Hackathons 
Short or long events to get developers involved in a specific Mozilla sub-project.
(Coming soon) Developer meetups 
Would you like to have some demos and presentations pre-packaged for you to use in local developer meetups? We don't have this yet, but please add your topic ideas to the Meetup-in-a-box topic ideas etherpad.

Translate apps

Mozilla Developer Relations offers an App Localization project on Transifex to help developers of free, open source Firefox OS apps localize their apps for a variety of languages and locales and to connect localizers with tools to bring apps to their language communities.

What you can do:

Give feedback

Mozilla is collecting feedback from developers about Firefox Developer Tools.

What you can do: Submit suggestions or comment on existing ideas.