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3.5 Stuff

  • WordPress plugin dude found and is in process (thanks, jresig!)
  • MT stuff is being done by Gen
  • 35 Days Blog Funnel Thing
    • https://wiki.mozilla.org/Evangelism/Firefox3.5/35Days
      • Getting people signed up, some external people as well
      • Webdev to set up a blog for us to use
    • TODO: work with rey + gen to get messaging and a page set up for external people
    • Tristan and Paul to reach out to people in Europe

Developer Items and Standards

Good feedback on this at the all-hands. Have a list of items from roc to put in the wiki on what we do that others don't and what we don't do that others do.

Starting to see stuff roll in for our next release. Need to make sure that the items that we identified at all hands (file upload, etc) are on that list.


  • Work ongoing on last-minute Firefox 3.5 items.
  • Working with IT and MindTouch on MindTouch 2009 preparations.
  • Working on some new templates to improve organization of our content.

XUL + XULRunner

Communications and PR

  • Working pretty well with Marketing - see stuff above for the launch.

Global Community Development