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Defense - hold the high ground on stability, performance & customization

  • [DONE] Ship Firefox 3.6
  • [MISSED] 25% reduction in startup time on Windows (details)
  • [AT RISK] > 50% reduction of main thread I/O (details)
    • MISSED. 42 - 43% of the IO has been removed from mozilla-central. Up to 23.4% is real close. See this table for more details
  • [MISSED] ship out of process plugins and associated UI pieces to Windows users (details)
    • landed in 1.9.3a2, privacy changes in bug 550293 for a4, backported to lorentz
    • should be ready to ship, but next release vehicle (Firefox 3.6.3) is scheduled to be in April
  • [AT RISK] document scope of work for process separation in Firefox & port one feature as an experiment (details)
    • Dolske using pwmgr for research but OOPP has put him behind
  • [AT RISK] implement alpha quality Windows implementation of refactored browser.js & new theme for Windows on trunk or as XPI (details)
    • last alpha bug is new tab work - in progress, might miss EOQ

Offense - empower users with control over data, tasks & applications

  • [DROPPED] Build plan for merging Weave and Firefox codebases and achieve first development milestone along that plan (details)
  • [AT RISK] design and implement unified customization interface on trunk (details)
    • In review, big chunk of code
  • [MISSED] implement alpha quality integrated developer tool set on trunk (details)

Restructuring - simplify past UI and technology design choices

  • [AT RISK] ensure that Jetpacks can be developed for production use on Firefox trunk (details)
    • Done in EM work, blocked on same review process
  • [MISSED] ship new software updater to provide improved user experience and increased flexibility with release vehicles (details)
    • Done, but not shipped in a maintenance release yet

Repositioning - align ourselves to move quickly & decisively

  • [DROPPED] Move to fortnightly alpha/beta delivery cycle for in development branch
  • [ON TRACK] Define support/service levels for product branches, and mechanism by which decisions are made to move between them (joint w/RelEng)