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Today’s meeting leader is: mikedeboer

General Topics / Roundtable

  • [mikedeboer] PSA: bootstrapped extensions are planned to be removed in Fx 65
    • Discussion in firefox-dev mailing list
  • [RyanVM] Last real week for Fx61-targeted patches!
  • [dmose] First basic NodeJS support/requirement landing soon (bug 1464123)
    • Previously discussed in Intent To Require threads in dev-builds/dev-platform
    • Forthcoming post to firefox-dev, dev-builds, dev-platform
    • No NPM or Yarn support yet

Friends of the Firefox team


  • [mconley] Emma Malysz! Mentored by Neil Deakin, working on some XBL removal stuff, and ultimately going to work on the content-select project
  • [jaws] Abdoulaye O. Ly is working on the tab-multiselect project
  • [jaws] Tim Nguyen is working on completing the Theming API MVP

Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Project Updates

Add-ons / Web Extensions

Activity Stream

Browser Architecture

  • Style overlay removal has r+.
  • Come say hi at the developer faire next Friday.



  • No updates this week.


  • imjching landed a patch in Activity Stream that switches all non-Recommended Stories images to use Blob URLs rather than DataURLs
    • This should save content process memory, lower the overhead of sending those images down, and allow us to skip the DataURL parsing that happens on the content side of things
  • dthayer has concluded the LRU cache experiment and disabled it in Nightly.
    • This definitely has a positive impact on tab switch time. \o/
      • 152a96c2-99f0-439c-9806-d4416e733e46.png
    • It introduces a number of behavioural glitches, and adds (unsurprising) memory overhead that we think we can improve upon
  • Early first blank paint has been disabled on Beta on Windows, and is being held to Nightly. UX is hoping we can make some slight modifications, and we’re waiting on a spec. Experiment is still underway though, as UR feels that it’s still a useful data point.
  • felipe got us some wins on both memory and start-up speed for content processes by making lots of our frame scripts lazier!


Policy Engine

  • Kanika (outreachy intern) working on new policies.


  • No updates this week.

Search and Navigation

Address Bar & Search



  •  :mstange added SQL queries to the profiler stack labels, when a statement is being executed

Sync / Firefox Accounts

  • No updates this week.

Test Pilot

  • A reminder that Test Pilot is available for Firefox feature work that could benefit from iteration before landing in Firefox.
  • Upcoming experiments (now delayed till July 10th, to accommodate 61 releasing tomorrow, June 6th):
  • Upcoming Shield studies:
    • Cloud Storage: Dropbox / Google Drive integration into Download menu
      • Waiting on StudyUtils v5, release in a couple weeks
  • Screenshots updates:
    • Trying to switch to from Photon page action to WebExtension pageAction, but there might be a performance regression as a result (will be tracked in 1466575)
  • Test Pilot experiment backlog:
    • If you can’t add to that list (and I don’t think everyone has account access to Airtable) you can email John Gruen

Web Payments

  • Prathiksha has almost finished implementing the onboarding flow! She is starting work on using <select> for our dropdowns to get native popup/keyboard behaviour.
  • MattN is working on polishing l10n and visual styles in preparation for QA review.
  • Jared is working on CreditCard.jsm to unify credit card number validation/parsing
  • Sam is working on normalizing temporary address/card profiles like we do for saved ones and add tests for .updateWith()

This week I learned

Meeting Leader Rotation

Add your name below if you want to be in the rotation of leaders:

  • mconley
  • johannh
  • kitcambridge
  • MattN
  • RyanVM
  • felipe
  • mikedeboer
  • 6a68