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Friends of the Firefox team


  • mconley introduces Andrew Creskey (:acreskey)

Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Project Updates

Activity Stream

Add-ons / Web Extensions

Application Services (Sync / Firefox Accounts / Push)

  • The team is working on Android components for syncing and storing bookmarks 📚 and history 🕒. The library is written in Rust, with an FFI for Java and Kotlin, and a schema based closely on Places 🦀.
  • Edouard is working on a device pairing flow for Firefox Accounts, for a better sign-in experience that lets you scan a code on an existing device instead of typing your password everywhere 📱🔒.

Browser Architecture

Developer Tools

  • Debugger Panel

    • David: Support for XHR Breakpoints (pause on specific URL or on any URL)
    • David: Column Breakpoints (pausing on specific locations within a line)
  • Console Panel

    • Nicolas: Better stack-traces (sharing React components with the Debugger)
  • Design Tools

    • Gabriel: Multiple grid highlight support (1317102)
    • New! Track Changes side panel
  • Network Panel

    • Edit & Resend panel redesign

  • Bunch of contributions from Outreachy applicants.


  • Bug 1493984 - The Fission-aware messaging simulation landed

    • browser.fission.simulate = true
    • (only covers code in browser/actors and toolkit/actors)
  • Bug 1496840 (soon) - <browser>.browsingContext
  • Bug 1503984 (soon) - Add a pref to return null on cross-origin iframe access
  • Watch out for a “Fission for the front-end” session in Mozlando. Date/time TBD.





Policy Engine

  • Landed for 64:

    • Certificate installation
    • Locale switching
    • Browser startup page
  • Working on ESR uplift


Search and Navigation

Search Shortcuts

  • One-off buttons are now hidden when using a shortcut (Bug 1498023)
  • Separated shortcuts telemetry from generic search telemetry (Bug 1499193)
  • Shortcuts stay in the address bar when selecting search suggestions (Bug 1500516)

Quantum Bar

  • Heads-up, address bar changes!

    • Some restriction characters changed: “~” has been removed, you can now match only urls using “$” instead of the “@”, and you can restrict matches to search suggestions using “?” instead of “$” (1499743). Note: we’re evaluating uplifting these changes to 64.
    • The browser.urlbar.history.onlyTyped preference has been removed (1500108)
    • The browser.urlbar.matchBehavior preference has been removed (Bug 1500138)
    • We plan to remove the browser.urlbar.autocomplete.enabled pref (Bug 1502392)
  • Added one-off buttons stub (Bug 1502455)
  • Landed initial code to filter matches (Bug 1502385)
  • Moved various functions from the window scope to UrlbarUtils.jsm (1502039)
  • Moved isTabEmpty() to tab.isEmpty (Bug 1502069)
  • Added APIs to allow porting more easily existing address bar tests. (Bug 1494334, Bug 1501270)
  • Fixed identity popup opening (Bug 1499652)

Test Pilot

  • Two new experiments shipping next week: email tabs, price-wise (comparison shopping)
  • Side View headed to Shield

Web Payments

This week I learned