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General Topics / Roundtable

  • data preference behavior is streamlined in 58
  • now splitting into release & prerelease data
  • current limited release data on public TMO dashboard & aggregates is going away
  • [mconley] ABP and Chrome Store Foxified have been made 57+ compatible!
  • [MattN] Has anyone seen ContentTask.spawn failing due to its loadFrameScript not working?
  • [Pike] Nightlies scheduled in UTC - an hour earlier now that summer time is over

Friends of the Firefox team

More than one bug fixed:

  •  :prathiksha
  • Tim Nguyen :ntim

New contributors (🌟 = First Patch!)  

Project Updates


Activity Stream

  • Final decision has been made to ship AS on about:home andin Firefox 57 🎉🎉🎉🎉🥂
  • We are launching studies in 57 to study how Activity Stream affects long-term Firefox retention for both new and existing users
  • The focus for Firefox 58 has been performance:
  • Landed improved image caching for better about:home perf
  • Landed streamlined localized string processing for faster startup
  • Working on a number of improvements to reduce dependency on Thumbnail service by using canned or harvested High Res icons more frequently


Browser Architecture

Firefox Core Engineering

Form Autofill


  • Fixed a few compatible issues (e.g.,,
  • Fixed a footer issue that affects form-history
  • Fixed a preview issue on <select> element
  • Fixed credit card sync related bugs
  • Credit card sync engine has been enabled by default (align with credit card autofill feature)
  • Credit Card - Got pre-beta QA sign off (GREEN)
  • Will do the gradual rollout on Fx58 beta


  • Enable localization on mozilla-central - Done
  • Done but a few UI polishing bugs remain
  • Clear button in the autocomplete dropdown - Almost done
  • Bug 1407508 - [Form Autofill] Create result for clear button menu if clicked on filled field in `startSearch`
  • Ready to land but waiting for a blocker
  • Bug 1410821 - [Form Autofill] Consider calling startSearch again instead of returning cached mResults when press arrow-down key after the focused input has just been auto-filled
  • Ready for review
  • Additional country support - On going
  • Bug 1411509 - [Form Autofill] Create a parser that processes the fmt attribute and returns which address fields are visible
  • Done
  • Section support - On going
  • Bug 1339731 - [Form Autofill] Refactor FormAutofillHandler to support multiple section mechanism
  • Ready for review


  • Better configuration options that should help reduce the number of .eslintrc.js files
  • Processor plugins can be updated to include autofix support (we have a couple).






Platform Audibles

  • “1. This removes on average 43 ms of every page load. (while being effective on ~50% of the page loads)
    2. Talos benchmarks reports a 15% improvement on
    3. On a personal Window computer with PGO, my personal Facebook page load improved from 641ms to 522ms.”


Search and Navigation

Address Bar & Search



Sync / Firefox Accounts

Test Pilot

  • Currently photonizing the Test Pilot website
  • Minvid experiment preparing for Shield study
  • Screenshots update:
  • Screenshots, Github, Bugzilla: we are rethinking our workflow. A doc has been circulating, comments welcome
  • Engagement research: Jared added uploads/downloads to main Telemetry ping
  • Optimization work continues:
  • Jared has a patch open to instrument the steps in the shot creation flow, next we’ll work to shorten response time for each click in the flow.
  • Barry has a patch open to generate thumbnails at shot creation time and use thumbnails on the My Shots page
  • Site-specific engagement experiments: Ian landed a patch to enable running multiple A/B tests on the site at the same time. We’re hoping to run 3 this quarter.
  • Usage: remarkably steady over last 30 days, downloads slightly stronger than uploads. 14M shots total created in the last 30 days.
  • Retention looks particularly good for downloaders (~4% weekly retention) vs uploaders (~2.5% retention)

Web Payments

  • Next step is to get feedback on this approach and then start implementing the UX spec

This week I learned

  • [MattN] Some more convenient DOM APIs exist (since Fx49) as alternatives to appendChild and insertBefore. They support strings to create text nodes and take a variable number of arguments. Example: let is = new Image(); myNode.after(“This”, is, “awesome”)