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Today’s meeting leader is: RyanVM

General Topics / Roundtable

  • New --temp-profile argument for `mach run`
  • [MattN] test-verify jobs are on trychooser now making for easier try requests from MozReview UI.
  • [Ryan] Release schedule update
  • [Ryan] Visual Studio 2017 15.7 released yesterday - AVOID
  • [Ryan] Mercurial 4.6 released recently - AVOID
    • ./mach bootstrap will auto-update to 4.6 when it runs. If you need to downgrade, you can do so by running pip install mercurial==4.5.3.
  • [Ryan] MozillaBuild 3.2 released last week - DON’T AVOID 😀
  • [felipe] Lightweight JSONSchemaValidator.jsm available for use
  • [paolo] The browser-chrome suite wasn’t reporting full async stacks for failures in some cases. Fix now in review.
  • [paolo] CustomizableUITestUtils.jsm now exists. Consider gradually moving helper functions there so they’re usable across the tree. Arai just added helpers to add/remove the searchbar.

Friends of the Firefox team


  •  :Prathiksha Guruprasad will be working on the PaymentRequest MVP during her internship.
  • Jay Lim (:imjching) will be working on Activity Stream performance bugs for the Performance team
  • Emily Hou will be working on the Firefox Send experiment on the Test Pilot team this summer.
  • Shruti Singh will be working on the Firefox Color experiment on the Test Pilot team this summer.

Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Project Updates

Add-ons / Web Extensions

Activity Stream

Browser Architecture

  • A preference landed to allow opening the browser console as a top-level html document. Still some things to fix.
  • Landed our first XBL -> custom element conversion. May be backed out :(
  • Overlay code removal is ready to go
  • RKV proof of concept for XULStore is almost complete




Policy Engine

  • No code updates. Getting marketing ready for launch. 👏
  • Outreachy intern starting next week to work on new policies.


Search and Navigation

Address Bar & Search


Sync / Firefox Accounts

Test Pilot

  • New experiments launching June 5th!
  • Interns starting later this month!
  • Screenshots product updates:
    • Annotation tools coming soon: undo, redo, and text/emoji
    • We’re thinking about what a mobile flow would feel like for Screenshots; PRD in flight. Ping jgruen with all your feature requests.
  • Screenshots engineering:
    • Bug fix release 32.1.0 landed recently (bug 1454029)
    • A security fix regressed Screenshots working on PDF pages. This is being tracked for Firefox 60 in bug 1456485.
    • We have a working Chrome add-on with a few substantial bugs. Work is continuing.
    • We would like to take over the Ctrl + Shift + S keyboard shortcut from devtools. They will be investigating usage frequency of this and other shortcuts in bug 1456984.

Web Payments

  • Team has completed 66% of the Milestone 1 - 3 Backlog.
  • Planning telemetry requirements
  • Code moved to browser/ and component moved to Firefox (from Toolkit)
  • Can now add and edit shipping addresses from the PaymentRequest dialog
    • Jared is working on adding/editing billing addresses
  • Sam is working on support for one-time-use addresses
  • Matt is working with UX on options for rich dropdown menus

This week I learned