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Today’s meeting leader is: johannh

General Topics / Roundtable

Friends of the Firefox team


  • New Student Project: Fluent Migrations (watch out for email)

Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Project Updates

Activity Stream

Add-ons / Web Extensions

  • Extensions’ keyboard shortcuts can now be managed/overridden from about:addons
  • Ongoing work on:

    • User opt-in for extensions in private browsing windows

    • Rebuilding about:addons in HTML

  • Old Lightweight Themes (LWTs) on will be converted to XPI packaged themes next week

Application Services (Sync / Firefox Accounts / Push)

  • No Desktop updates this week. Continuing our work to port Places to Rust for mobile.

Browser Architecture

Developer Tools

End of last year: lots of polish, cleanup, a11y improvements and bug fixing across all of DevTools.

Huge shoutout to debugger community for all of their work during the winter break.


  • Autocomplete custom properties on Array, Number and String literals
  • Export to Clipboard landed thanks to Jefry Lagrange (644412)


  • Major cleanup pass done to remove old unused source-map logic debugger actors
  • Mouse selection when debugger is paused fixed (1177346)
  • Fixed "Nested event loops do not suspend scroll events" (1044074)
  • Search within files is now cancelable
  • Worker debugging is coming! (pr) Enable devtools.debugger.features.windowless-workers


  • All of the debugger’s worker, packages, and css sources are in MC

Layout Tools

  • Polishing recently shipped features: Flexbox Inspector and Changes Panel
  • Alert()/prompt()/confirm() work again (bug 1273997) in RDM

Remote Debugging

  • Go to `about:debugging-new`, available in Nightly only, no pref needed
  • Landed: Support several USB runtimes simultaneously (1507126)
  • Landed: Show USB devices before Firefox is ready (1508956)
  • Landed: Disabling service worker debugging if multie10s is true (1488502)
  • Landed: Stopping ADB when you close about:debugging (1492700)
  • Soon: Worker support for remote devices
  • Current target Fx68 for preffing new about:debugging on


  • Lots of progress, notable: Highlighter-utils module is gone! (1504185) => we can now use fronts directly


  • Shader Editor to be removed (1342237)


  • No updates this week.


  • New student project started up last week. Goals are:

    • convert more strings to Fluent

    • increase tool support

    • research porting the fluent-rs parser to wasm and replacing the JS Fluent parser with the wasm fluent-rs parser



  • No updates this week.


  • In Q1 we are focusing our efforts on startup performance. This time we’ll care both about first paint performance (which already received optimization efforts previously and is close to parity with Chrome) and the time to render the home page.
  • Doug landed his document splitting work that should enable faster rendering and is investigating creating a warmup service to preload Firefox files when the OS starts.
  • Felipe’s tab animation patch is going through review.
  • The code of the old about:performance is gone (both front-end and back-end pieces) and some test coverage was added.
  • Gijs continued his browser adjustment work (adding telemetry and about:support visibility), improved Pocket’s startup behavior, and removed some more feed code. The plan is to queue up an experiment (for the browser adjustment work) to see if this impacts page load speed in the wild on the beta channel.
  • mconley is unblocking enabling the background process priority manager, by removing the HAL stuff that was leftover from FxOS.
  • Perf.html improvements deployed recently:

    • Tooltips in the thread activity graph indicating the meaning of colors (most frequent request we got during the all-hands!)

    • Memory track

    • Category colors in the stack chart 602x338px

Policy Engine

  • No updates this week.



Search and Navigation


Quantum Bar:


Test Pilot

  • Test Pilot is ending – 😲😭
  • Site shutting down next week (1/22)
  • Public comms going out today (blog post)
  • Existing experiments are going to AMO and will remain installed/functional (although might change)
  • The Test Pilot addon will be uninstalled when people visit the site
  • Screenshots will live on in Desktop

    • Development has stopped, except for warning users, then removing the server component NOOOO!😭

    • Ian will be doing that work over the next 1-2 Firefox releases

    • Targeting early H2 for Screenshots server shutdown😭😭

  • Thanks for your help over the past few years, especially Mossop, aswan, kmag

Web Payments

  • Development is on pause

This week I learned