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General Topics / Roundtable

Friends of the Firefox team


  • Kanika Saini is working on about:policies and other parts of our Policy Engine!

Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

  • More than one bug fixed
    • Abdoulaye O. LY
    • Manish Kumar [:manishkk]
  • New contributors (🌟 = First Patch!)

Project Updates

Add-ons / Web Extensions (read only)

Activity Stream



Policy Engine

  • Uplift to ESR 60 is starting to happen



Firefox Monitor

Search and Navigation

Address Bar & Search



  • Fixed a formfill autocomplete bug on the Google login page. Formfill will now act on keydown, rather than keypress, disallowing pages from bypassing it.
  • There is a known issue on Windows 10 with the Antimalware Service slowing down the system when Firefox is running. A new Defender version, expected to solve the problem, should be available in the next weeks.
  • Sqlite now uses an exclusive locking vfs on Linux. This prevents some SIBGUS crashes and makes Sqlite work more reliably on nfs filesystems. On the other side, it’s not possible anymore to access Sqlite databases while Firefox is running. If you work with Sqlite in Linux and need concurrent access to debug, you can create a boolean “storage.multiProcessAccess.enabled” pref and restart the browser.

Application Services (Sync / Firefox Accounts / Push)

  • Carol fixed the threading model in the FxA client component for Fenix 🎻.
  • Ed is removing dependencies on C libraries in, preferring pure Rust libraries where possible 🦀.
  • Thom is continuing to work on a Sync Logins API in Rust for Lockbox 🔐.
  • Mark is working on a strategy for shipping the Rust library in products 🚢.
  • Lina fixed a bug where moving bookmarks between folders wouldn’t move them on other devices, and changed the bookmarks mirror to be snappier 📚.

Test Pilot

  • Side View:
  • Notes:
    • Shipped on Android. Up next, we’re triaging, responding to early feedback and meeting with the Applications Services team to figure out next steps for the Notes experiment.
  • Firefox Lockbox:
    • Released to the public on July 10th, 2018 at 6 AM Pacific via Test Pilot
    • Social media response (hackernews, reddit) relatively positive!
    • Starting small with just a few EN-only countries, will get feedback and roll out to more regions and languages soon
    • Future: update Firefox Accounts OAuth integration, iOS 12 autofill support
    • Next week: kick-off Android app planning...
  • Color:
    • Les has been live coding while he works on adding custom background image support (inspired by mconley :-). Check it out on twitch or youtube
    • John has been working on palette generators
    • Design intern Vicky is working on a complete UX overhaul for Color so we can replace Personas Plus which will be retiring soon.
  • Send:
    • Working with Platform to allow much larger file transfers via WritableStream API (bug). We hope to release a completely overhauled product experience when Streams are preffed on in Firefox.
    • Donovan has a working demo of Send for Android
  • Test Pilot platform:
    • Closed a ton of last minute bugs to make sure mobile launches were successful.
    • Special high fives to Jess, Jesslyn, Cherry, Sylvestre, Devin, and Sandy for helping make our latest launch successful
  • Screenshots:
    • Most requested annotation features (undo/redo, add text/emoji) are on stage & shipping this week
    • Heartbeat study is complete; talking with Teon on Friday about the results
    • Talking with devtools about screenshots integration

Web Payments

  • [prathiksha] Landed native <select> dropdowns. Polishing dropdowns.
  • [sfoster] Implementing error pages and handling the user closing the dialog with the native window controls (outside of macOS).
  • [jaws] Breaking down work required to continue using a window modal PaymentRequest dialog for the MVP so we can compare to the effort required to build a new tab-modal widget.
  • [MattN] Header and footer visual polish landed. Working on payment card add/edit page improvements.