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General Topics / Roundtable

  • [mconley] Did you know that we have test coverage data for mozilla-central? Here, for example.
  • /browser is at 69.30%
  • /toolkit is at 68.51%

Friends of the Firefox team


  • [johannh] Outreachy internships have been announced yesterday!

Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

More than one bug fixed 

  •  :prathiksha
  • Manish Kumar [:manishkk]
  • Michael Kohler [:mkohler]
  • Tim Nguyen :ntim
  • Vivek

New contributors

Project Updates

Add-ons / Web Extensions

  • The march to removing support for bootstrapped extensions, aimed for 64, continues...

Activity Stream

Browser Architecture

  • Tracking work to allow top-level HTML windows.
  • Slight divergences from the custom elements spec.
  • RKV proceeds with XULStore as a first testcase.
  • Mentat now has an SDK for android as well as iOS.



  • Next (63): Live language installation and switching


  • Content Process Optimizations
  • felipe has begun researching ways we can optimize content process start-up, and reduce the amount of script that needs to run
  • Blocklist work
  • This is great for start-up, and responsiveness in general.
  • [gijs] sadly one tiny bit left (but I hope to have a patch for that today). Once that’s done, we aim to switch to using indexeddb rather than loading the entire 150k XML file, which even asynchronously isn’t great for perf. Async-ification has to come first because indexeddb fetch operations are always async.
  • Blank first paint
  • ContentPrefService off main thread
  • LRU cache for tab layers
  • Tab warming
  • mconley is sending a note to PI and firefox-dev with an Intent to Ship for tab warming on Windows for Firefox 61. Going to hold back on Nightly for macOS until we can get bug 1453080 sorted.
  • Lower-FPS throbber experiment
  • mconley is preparing a study to test the effects of lowered framerates for tab throbbers on page load time.
  • Ilana Segall is helping with definition and analysis, and waiting on a pre-requisite patch from hiro to land in central and get some testing.

Policy Engine

  • A couple bugs reported
  • Starting to evaluate new policies for next release
  • Finally starting to see folks take a look at things


  • Also, TLS 1.3 is being rolled out gradually to all Firefox Release users (Bug 1442042).

Search and Navigation

Address Bar & Search


Sync / Firefox Accounts

Test Pilot

  • Lots of focus on mobile in this quarter: Notes app is pre alpha, working with relman on a release pipeline
  • New experiment launch dates are June 4 for Color and Side View

Web Payments

  • The team has[1]completed 58% of the[2]Milestones 1 - 3 Backlog.
  • Team meetings in Vancouver this week
  • The majority of the Payment Request code nows uses ES modules!
  • Marcos attended W3C Web Payments meetings last week

This week I learned