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Today’s meeting leader is: MattN

General Topics / Roundtable

  • [MattN] Change in the way e10s and multi are enabled on Nightly
  • [Mak] waitForCondition() has been moved to TestUtils.jsm. BrowserTestUtils.jsm contains a temporary forwarder, but please use TestUtils.waitForCondition() from now on (Commented in the existing cleanup bug about converting the existing consumers)
  • [Georg] Firefox data preference changes

Friends of the Firefox team

(Give a shoutout/thanks to people for helping fix and test bugs. Introductions)

Project Updates


Activity Stream

Browser Architecture

Electrolysis (e10s)

Firefox Core Engineering

  • Resume support landed in the stub installer in 58.
  • Installer assets were low DPI, now fixed in 57.
  • Everything else is unchanged since last meeting:

    • Landing CFI support for stackwalking (for 58, hopefully) ((then Fennec))

    • Update Agent (for 59)

    • Jumping into Chrome Migration work with onboarding (version TBD)

    • Policy engine & API (for 59, hopefully)

Form Autofill

  • MVP

    • The gradual rollout of address autofill has started on Fx56 (1%)

    • Tuned compatible issues of the targeting websites

    • Improved heuristics algorithm about "cc-exp*" and "tel-national"

    • Polished UI

    • Credit card number deduplication in progress

  • V2

    • Enable localization on mozilla-central - Almost done (one bug left)

    • Clear button in the autocomplete dropdown - Patch ready

    • Section (multiple forms in one page) support - Discussed architecture

    • Additional country support - Discussed architecture










Platform Audibles



  • We fixed a nasty bug that caused all containers to be removed when upgrading a container extension in Beta.

Search and Navigation

  • Address Bar & Search

    • Address Bar results are now constrained to the input field width to look more balanced

    • The results mixture (showing Search Suggestions first) has been reverted for now. We’ll proceed differently, experimenting at first with new profiles who get a unified Address Bar experience by default

    • The follow-on search add-on was updated to 0.9.6 for FF 56 users

Sync / Firefox Accounts

Test Pilot

  • Lockbox (password mgmt) experiment targeting Q4

  • More experiments coming in Q1: tab split, voice assistant, theming

  • Send us your feature ideas! You can use the web form or just drop by #testpilot
  • Screenshots

    • The story so far:

      • Page Shot got lots of usage + interest in Test Pilot
      • Work to graduate into Firefox started in 54 timeframe
      • First WebExtension system addon
      • Shipped to release in 56 (rollout Sept 28)
    • Since release:

      • 11 million shots, 5 million unique users
      • Downloads slightly outpacing uploads:
  • SHIELD worked well for rollout:
  • (Check out our metrics and retention data on Data Studio)

  • What’s next?

    • Q4: Build more features (Firefox Accounts, annotations) to ship in 58; run A/B tests on the site; perf optimization; user surveys; figure out how best to interact with the rest of Firefox
  • Open questions:

    • What’s a good user retention percentage?
    • Do Screenshots users have higher MAU/DAU?
    • How best to manage Github vs Bugzilla for bugs, reviews, code?

      • Every system addon does this differently right now

      • Interested in this? Let us know on #screenshots

Web Payments

  • Evaluating UI tools/frameworks (e.g. Custom Elements, React, Redux, hyperHTML) for the frontend

This week I learned

  • [kitcambridge] I was curious how xpcshell shows JavaScript strict warnings without setting the “javascript.options.strict” pref. This line turns them on.

    • These warnings are stricter than “use strict”. For example, xpcshell will warn if you access an undefined property, but “use strict” won’t warn or throw in that case.