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Today’s meeting leader is: lina

General Topics / Roundtable

  • Fx71 Feature technical documentation is due on Friday
  • [johannh] You can now use Services.console.logMessage in the parent process and specify a windowID to log an (error) message in devtools the content process. (Like this) (Thank you to :pbz)

Friends of the Firefox team


Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Fixed more than one bug

  •  :prathiksha
  • Itiel
  • Maxime Vaillancourt
  • Miriam
  • Nils Maier [:nmaier]
  • Sorin Davidoi
  • Yuan Cheng

New contributors (🌟 = first patch)

Project Updates

Add-ons / Web Extensions


Firefox Accounts

  • You’ll soon be able to sign in to FxA without automatically signing in to Sync. This is an important step in our subscription services story. ✨

    • Mark landed a large refactor (bug TBD) of the FxA module—please file bugs if you notice regressions with FxA sign in, Send Tab, or Sync!

  • We’ll be replacing confirmation links in emails with codes soon, to improve the experience when signing in to a second device. 📱

Sync and Storage

  • “Choose What to Sync” coming soon to Fenix! ♻️
  • New bookmark sync enabled by default in Nightly and Beta, and will be gradually rolled out to all users in Release 70. 📚


  • No updates this week.

Browser Architecture

  • Five. XBL. Bindings. Left! 🎊🎉

Developer Tools


  • inspect(x) helper shows x in the appropriate panel (bug 1575240)
  • Editor Mode is now in DevEdition (bug 1580871)


  • Added UI to disable debugger statements (bug 1577376)
  • Added ability to log event listener calls and search event listener breakpoints (bug 1567966)


  • Performance improvements for startup and inline preview
  • Watchpoints landed behind pref (devtools.debugger.features.watchpoints) (bug 740548)



  • Fixed bug where the Inspector stopped working when “disable HTTP cache” option was used (bug 1572933)
  • Made auto-complete in rules view more resilient (bug 1543782)
  • Rules view now shows :visited styles (bug 713106)
  • Color swatches now appear next to custom properties that appear to be valid colors! (bug 1456167)


  • Enabled search in the Network Monitor (ctrl+shift+f / cmd+shift+f)

    • The user can search across all HTTP requests including response bodies, request bodies (aka POST data), request/response headers and request/response cookies

    • We are seeking for feedback at this point!


  • Findbar is done. Only one regression so far to be fixed soon.
  • Next up: autocomplete for login manager! 🔐
  • mconley, Gijs and barret are mentoring MSU students to fix some smaller components

    • PopupBlocking

    • Picture-in-Picture

    • Page Style

    • PageThumbs

    • PurgeSessionHistory


New Tab Page

Password Manager


Performance Tools

  • Recording of native allocation stacks have landed in Nightly. It's experimental but you can enable it in the features and give it a try. Front-end side is still WIP but you can also see an example profile here.

(You should check the native allocations checkbox in the profiler settings.
(Allocation stacks in the call tree

  • New marker infrastructure has landed. Reducing the cost of markers by storing them in the profiler buffer.
  • Visualization of JS tracer data has landed. JS tracer is not enabled right now in Firefox but you can see your old JS tracer data currently. You can also see an example here:
  • Michael, our one of the most impactful contributors, is working on the profiler popup dark mode.


  • We’re still on track to do a slow rollout of the feature in Firefox 71 for Windows users. Coordinating with pascalc on the relman side.
  • Notice a PiP bug on Windows? Please file it blocking this meta bug.
  • Fixed:

    • Bug 1545924 - Picture-in-Picture toggle icon should not display if set = false

    • Bug 1543810 - New Picture-in-Picture toggle is not detected when video has pointer-events: none

    • Bug 1543027 - Snapping Picture-In-Picture videos to the left/right/top with the mouse displays thick white bars on the video's sides

    • Bug 1536011 - Windows taskbar button title is empty in Picture in Picture mode

    • Bug 1568318 - Picture-in-Picture indicator icon is hard to see with a dark theme

  • Upcoming:

    • Bug 1549442 - Picture-in-Picture toggle does not collapse or disappear if the mouse moves outside of the window.

    • Bug 1581942 - Snapping Picture-In-Picture videos to the left/right/top with the keyboard displays thick white bars on the video's sides

    • Bug 1582171 - [Amazon Prime] PiP window becomes white if the next episode is loaded

    • Bug 1582178 - [Amazon Prime] PiP window becomes white after closing the video in the main window of the browser

    • Bug 1582106 - PiP window conflicts with Youtube miniplayer functionality

    • Bug 1562218 - [Intermittent] PiP window displays only a white border instead of a video

      • (Presuming we can find a way of reproducing it reliably)


  • Firefox Private Network is out in Public Beta! The current version is V11 and is ready for testing! Get it on (US only, Mozilla internal folks can get it on Mana)

    • Thank you for testing and filing tons of issues. Make sure you’re on the latest version.

  • We’re getting ready to ship our big UI update: the new protections panel and protections report in Firefox 70!

    • Lots of bug fixes and improvements going on.

  • Tim made the lock icon on certificate errors be a consistent warning triangle


Search and Navigation


Quantum Bar:

User Journey

This week I learned

  • Mach has tab completion for bash/zsh

    • There is currently a bug related to the python2=>python3 transition

  • [mconley] BrowsingContext’s can be sent across JSWindowActors (and maybe the message managers as well), so you don’t have to send the IDs around anymore.