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Today’s meeting leader is: felipe

General Topics / Roundtable

    • Please don’t use these anymore.
  • [felipe] LegNeato will be working on Firefox desktop development efficiency and is looking for feedback:
  • [johannh] The update to OSX Mojave breaks Firefox compilation unless you install header files manually. Then it compiles successfully but you’ll have a black window unless you downgrade to the 10.13 SDK.

Friends of the Firefox team


  • None this week.

Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

  • Fixed more than one bug
    • Adam Hillier :ahillier
    • Arshad Kazmi [:arshadkazmi42]
    • Jonas Jenwald [:Snuffleupagus]
    • Preeti[:preeti]
    • Shivam Singhal [:championshuttler]
    • Tim Nguyen :ntim (please use needinfo?)
  • New contributors (🌟 = first patch)

Project Updates

Activity Stream [read only]

  • Running experiment with new onboarding experience (only one overlay screen) in release
  • Contextual Feature recommender (doorhanger that recommends addons) is now in Nightly and will soon (next week) run as an experiment in Beta
  • Bug 1487772 - show logo and wordmark when only search enabled
  • 307x231px

Add-ons / Web Extensions

Application Services (Sync / Firefox Accounts / Push)

    • The patch has a minimal mozStorage Rust wrapper, and an nsISyncedBookmarksMirror component implemented in Rust. The merger can run off the main thread, unlike JS.

Browser Architecture

Developer Tools

  • Arai’s work to massively cut down devtools opening delay on script-heavy pages by fixing a 5y old bug to add Debugger.findSources
    • Removes a 1s hang when opening Console on GMail


  • Fission is our codename for the process-per-site isolation project
  • Front-end: converting frame scripts to actors. Check out:
  • Bug 1490810 - Simulate Fission for browser actors by blocking them from receiving subframe events
  • Bug 1493984 - Simulate Fission behavior for browser actors' receiveMessage


  • No updates this week.



  • Removing --disable-nodejs still planned, but no longer a blocker for making node available to select files
  • Up next: beta support for files, use for JSX transpilation by debugger team, eslint


  • dthayer
  • This is a qf:p1 targeted for Firefox 64, so it’s great to see this coming along.
  • Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that all of InitOSFileConstants will come off of the main thread, but some is better than none! dthayer will be filing a follow-up bug for the rest.
  • This should isolate the updating of the browser UI from the web content, which should be more efficient.

  • florian
    • Recent about:performance improvements
      • Instead of displaying ‘dispatches’ and ‘duration’, the values are combined into something (labelled “Energy Impact”) that users can better understand, with “High/Medium/Low/None” categories.
      • Sort order is more stable, and subframes/workers have values.
      • It’s possible to select a row. A double click will select the tab.
      • Tarek Ziade is making good progress on counting webextension activity in frame scripts, and is experimenting on collecting memory information per tab.

  • Gijs
  • Fixed a bunch of tests.
  • Recent trypush (and an earlier one with more tests/platforms) indicating remaining work will likely take at least another few weeks - probably 5-10 other test issues to sort out. They often don’t reproduce locally, and seem to largely be Linux-focused.
  • Slowly making inroads here, but needing to spend time untangling how focus causes flushes only some of the time

  • mconley
    • Tested the background process priority manager on the 2018 Quantum Reference hardware, discovered a tab switcher bug, and got that fixed and uplifted.

Policy Engine

  • Mac policy engine try builds available. Mac Admins already love it! (Thanks Stephen Pohl)
  • Working on security devices, certificates and generic prefs for 64.
  • MSI installer happening as well.


Search and Navigation

Address Bar & Search


Test Pilot

  • Conversation getting started around reusable React components that fit the Photon UI specs for websites, ping #testpilot if interested
  • Screenshots: bootstrap removal should land this week 🤞, see metabug (1422437)
    • Bootstrap removal introduced Talos regressions (1491997) that seem to be caused by unexpected storage init at startup (1492963)
    • Looks like we’ll finally be able to enable Screenshots for all tests, based on an encouraging Try run from yesterday
    • Huge thanks to aswan & kmag for jumping on addons bugs surfaced by the migration

Web Payments


  • Completed highlights

  • In Progress

This week I learned