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Today’s meeting leader is: mconley

General Topics / Roundtable

  • [mconley] Introducing window.promiseDocumentFlushed! This is a more reliable way of having JS run just after the refresh driver tick when we know that style and layout information is cheap to get. See this document for examples on how to use it, or check out the tests.
  • [bgrins] Incoming <tabbrowser> changes. In Bug 1392352 we will rewrite the tabbrowser implementation out of XBL and into a JS class. Once this lands:
    • You shouldn’t have to change (almost) any code that accesses `gBrowser`.
    • There will still be a XBL binding, but just for <content> and to initialize this class in the <constructor>.
    • Any in-flight patches touching the tabbrowser binding will need to be rebased away from tabbrowser.xml and to tabbrowser.js (sorry).
    • `gBrowser` will no longer be a reference to a DOM node, but a plain JS object. If you need access to the <tabbrowser> node, you can still get to it via `gBrowser.container`. For some examples, see the patch that migrates away from the XBL binding.
  • [mconley] Don’t forget about --try-test-paths and test-verify-e10s
    • Example
      • try: -b do -p linux64 -u mochitest-e10s-bc,test-verify-e10s -t none

--try-test-paths browser-chrome:browser/base/content/test/performance

Friends of the Firefox team

(Give a shoutout/thanks to people for helping fix and test bugs. Introductions)

Project Updates


(ddurst has no voice: read-only)

Activity Stream

Browser Architecture


Policy Engine


Platform Audibles

  • None today!


Search and Navigation

Address Bar & Search



Sync / Firefox Accounts

Test Pilot

  • Incoming: theme creator experiment shipping soon; tab split experiment exploring a rewrite. Both experiments set to launch in Q2
  • Outgoing: Cliqz, Voice Fill, Snooze Tabs, Min Vid graduating Q1
  • Min Vid shield study launching soon
  • Screenshots:
    • Usage steady at 2.8M MAU, 62M+ shots as of today
    • Lots of bug fixes exported into the tree recently (bug 1436218); another release landing in 60 today-ish, pending QA (bug 1440524)
    • ICYMI: rad Screenshots article on Firefox blog last week (bug filed to put that youtube video on the screenshots homepage :-)
    • Lo-fi user research happening this week on discoverability & onboarding
    • Annotations shipping soon: edit, highlight, & draw on uploaded shots
    • Here’s a usage graph, now with all the shot types:602x237px

Web Payments