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(Mozilla Non-Confidential)

Today’s meeting leader is: MattN

General Topics / Roundtable

  • We’re in a soft code freeze until after the version bump to 64 on September 4th.
  • [bgrins] can you point me to any examples of xul flexbox and css flexbox interacting badly together? I have a couple of examples but I know I’ve ran into this type of issue more often than that and am having trouble finding references.
  • nsISimpleEnumerator now works as a JS iterator!
  • Run `mach vcs-setup --update-only` regularly. Now with Git support!

Friends of the Firefox team

  • Welcome DevTools to this meeting! DevTools contributors are now included in the lists below 🎉


Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Project Updates

Add-ons / Web Extensions

Activity Stream

  • Team has a work week for getting CFR feature ready. This will not be the final design, this is just what currently landed in m-c

Full design:
For the first iteration we will recommend addons
  • We added support for Remote Settings in Activity Stream Router bug 1484049

    • This offers us the possibility of pushing messages out of band to users (similar to snippets)

Browser Architecture

Developer Tools


  • Work is continuing to implement document.l10n through webidl for UI pages. Patch is basically r+ but needs some changes to fix a performance regression before it can land.
  • Student project will be starting this week to migrate strings from dtd/properties to Fluent



Policy Engine

  • Nothing major.
  • Will soon be prioritizing new policies.
  • Autoconfig Sandbox moved behind pref for 63, no timeline for removal (Talos dependencies)


  • jkt has been digging deep into how we pass triggeringPrincipals (principals that are used to open websites) in the last months. The end goal is to avoid any implicitness in what principals we use and never fall back to system principal as default.

Search and Navigation

Address Bar & Search


Application Services (Sync / Firefox Accounts / Push)

  • No updates this week.

Test Pilot

  • Test Pilot server recently upgraded a ton of old dependencies (PRs 3815, 3816, 3820)

    • Discovered that non-deterministic dependency resolution can be mitigated by only using exact dependency definitions in package.json (no carats), in addition to checking in our package-lock.json

    • Depcheck was a useful tool for discovering unused and missing packages

    • Webpack 4 had many breaking changes for us, Les Orchard powered through those changes.

    • Flowtype updates forced us to fix a lot of our type definitions which exposed some bugs which were fixed in the process !!

  • Screenshots

    • Bootstrap removal continues; see metabug on github (BMO bug is slightly out of date).

    • Using the new Mozilla-only WebExtension Telemetry API (bug 1280234) to submit events to main ping (3713)

    • Moved Page Action from Photon to WebExtension and back until 63 branches, we discovered a few UI bugs late in the cycle (see blockers of 1466575)

    • UI redesign + FxA work continues on the server (see FxA bugs on github)

Web Payments

This week I learned

Meeting Leader Rotation

Add your name below if you want to be in the rotation of leaders:

  • mconley
  • lina
  • johannh
  • MattN
  • RyanVM
  • felipe
  • mikedeboer
  • 6a68