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Mozilla Hungary Education — 2015 fall semester

In 2015 we are ramping up education efforts and trying to scale running courses to new colleges and universities joining the program.

  • The Mozilla Hungary Firefox OS university course is returning for the 4th semester in the fall of 2015 with the course launching in 6+ Hungarian universities/colleges. We are requesting up to 50 Firefox OS "Flame" devices to serve as the base hardware backbone for the new and returning institutes hosting the Firefox OS course.
    More details at the Firefox OS course page.
  • We are updating the Firefox OS course material during the semester, adding new information on the new GAIA architecture and rebuilding the existing material in a more easily localizable standard Content-Kit format, releasing it on the Mozilla Hungary GitHub.
  • We are launching a new experimental Webmaker K-MOOC course at University of Óbuda, building on the experience of the Firefox OS course.
    More details at the Webmaker course page.
  • We are organizing a semester-opening ceremony in Dunaújváros, Hungary on 2015 September 9. Joining us Brian King, European Community Manager of Mozilla, the event will be streamed to all participating institutions. College of Dunaújváros and Mozilla will sign a long-term collaboration agreement on Open Web tech education and we will have an all-day event presenting Firefox OS, Mozilla products and web technologies to college students.
    More details can be found at the event and planning pages.
  • We are organizing a Hungarian Firefox OS Education Award ceremony at the end of the semester, where we will be awarding the student/developer of the best app in the end of the semester a Sony Xperia Z3 compact phone, pre-flashed with the latest Firefox OS 2.5 version and his home institution with the Firefox OS Education Award Cup.
    More details on the Firefox OS Education Award can be found on the Wiki.
  • After the end of the semester we will raffle some of the Firefox OS developer devices among those who successfully complete the course and whose Firefox OS application successfully clears the Firefox Market place review process and becomes downloadable from the Marketplace by a previously announced cut-off date after the semester closing. This is to motivate following through the Marketplace submission process, and help future support of published apps. We will also be helping in translating the best apps into English to help make them available for international audiences.
  • We will continue advocating Open Web education on our events and advertise both courses at technology- and education-related conferences for other institutions, trying to get more universities and colleges join the program both inside Hungary's borders and abroad. We will be trying to make the course more localizable for other European countries and help them start their respective native-language Firefox OS and Open Web/Webmaker courses.