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In 2019 Mozilla decided to focus on ‘trustworthy AI’ as a theme and impact goal to cut across our fellowships, campaigns and thought leadership work in the internet health movement over the coming years. This is a historic archive meant to show how we came to this decision.

As we said in our draft issue brief:

Mozilla believes we need to ensure that the use of AI in consumer technology enriches the lives of human beings rather than harms them. We need to build more trustworthy AI. For us, this means two things: human agency is a core part of how AI is built and integrated and corporate accountability is real and enforced. This will take AI in a direction different than where it’s headed now.

The aim was to have a thematic goal with a clear theory of change that Mozilla and its allies could go after in a distributed, decentralized manner -- but with markers and milestones that allow everyone to see progress. This goal built on the personal data theme that Mozilla used in 2018. As with that theme, ~60% of Mozilla’s movement building program resources are dedicated to this goal over the next few years.

Project Management

These documents provide the underlying thinking about trustworthy AI as a core issue and maps activities in 2019/2020 that will track against this issue.

<-- read these things first, they will give you the big picture view on our thinking and early work.

Showcase -- Work in 2019

Related Project Documents

2019 Projects

Some examples of activities in this space include:

MoFo Theory of Change

The Theory of Change update will enable Mozilla & our allies to take both coordinated and decentralized action in a shared direction, towards collective impact on better machine decision making (AI).

It will define:

  • Tangible changes in the world we and others will pursue (aka long term outcomes)
  • Strategies that we and others might use to pursue these outcomes
  • Results we will hold ourselves accountable to

What We're Writing

As a part of this work, Mozilla has been sharing thinking as it develops -- through blogs and in the media. Others are invited to share their perspectives on this issue as well.


These documents are process based and help share the story of how Mozilla got to this goal and why.

You can read more about the background for this project here.

Sub things: - Impact Goal Office Hours

How We Got Here

Q3 2018
  • Draft 5-10 impact statements and criteria
  • Staff input & additions to existing impact statements and criteria
  • Strategy Retreat participants begin deeper analysis
  • External partners provide additional ideas and input on impact goals
Q4 2018
  • Draft short analysis for each impact goal
  • MozFest session, displays, and meetings to solicit feedback and ideas from our community
  • Review & discuss process and progress with MoFo board program committee
  • Meet with additional internal/external partners and community members for feedback
  • Exec team reviews final analyses; makes decision re: recommendation
  • Discuss & get feedback during board meeting (Nov 15)
  • Staff and fellows engage with impact goal at All Hands
Q1 2019
  • Expert interviews
  • Begin literature review
  • Document existing & planned work around machine decision making
  • Develop comms & engagement strategy for staff, partners, and public
  • Complete literature review and identify gaps in understanding requiring additional research and/or commissioned reports
  • Share updated issue summary, lit review and current/planned work with board
  • Coding, analysis and synthesis of expert interviews
  • Synthesize list of possible better machine decision making outcomes, based on interviews, literature reviews & convenings
Q2 2019
  • Gather input and feedback with staff, experts, and allies around high-potential outcomes for Theory of Change
  • Continue public and partner communication about process, learnings and opportunities to engage
  • Finalize 1-3 long-term outcomes for machine decision making for the theory of change overlay
  • Fully introduce impact goal theory of change overlay with staff at All Hands
  • Begin to map out use for 2020 planning
  • Share impact goal theory with board


MoFo FLEX (Free-form Learning & EXploration) -- is an open and decentralized learning program, to support the work of the Foundation and the internet health movement. At its core is staff-led, self-directed and group learning projects, which might range from hosting a book club or study group, to leading a speaker series, to creating a comic or writing a blog post, and anything in between. Learn more about it here. Projects kick off in full April 19th, 2019.