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The Mozilla Foundation Development Team


  1. Administers the pipeline ("close" people and money)
  2. Builds capacity for fundraising among individuals in Mozilla community
  3. Builds a development strategy and cultivates long-term opportunities

Administers the Pipeline

Every prospect is logged in Gauntlet (soon Salesforce). All progress is tracked in the the system and feeds [ttp:// this dashboard], which shows the current weighted progress toward 2014 / 2015 fundraising targets.

"Development lead" is the person who brings a prospect to maturity, and is accountable to see it all the way through to writing and transition. This is frequently a Director who is supported by the development team.

0-15: prospect (lead)
15-50: active (conversation)
50-75: negotiation (shaping)
75 -99: proposal (working)
100: closed (transition)

Builds capacity for fundraising among individuals in Mozilla community

Program support

This group supports these program directors in building and processing their own fundraising pipelines, transitioning responsibility over time:

  • Dan Sinker, OpenNews
  • Kaitlin Thaney, ScienceLab
  • Lindsey and Kari, Gigabit Community Fund
  • Leah Gilliam, Hive NYC
  • Sam Dyson, Hive Chicago
  • Kathryn Meisner, Hive Toronto
  • eventually will offer same services to Mozilla Reps and other vouched Mozillians

Partnerships Training and Badge Program
Read about our beta program.

Builds a development strategy and cultivates long-term opportunities

(Development strategy = creating a credibility base and articulating the Foundation's goals, growing a cohort of interested partners and funders, communicating our strategy at foundation pace, internal alignment on development goals, and sequencing asks in a sustainable way.)


  • Directors articulate a Mozilla initiative in writing and numbers ("this is what we do")
  • We develop understanding of funding environment
  • We set a joint research / values agenda with funders
  • For each grant: we design the set of shared commitments
  • We make sure a Director has agreed to accept responsibility for delivering on commitments

Current development strategy assignments

This group has these active development strategy assignments, to be reviewed and revised each quarter (accurate as of May 2014):

Area Goal Owner
Webmaker: Web literacy (curriculum and badges) channel philanthropic interest into a program design for web literacy skills An-Me
Webmaker: Hive/Webmaker global build a strategy and bridge funding for a worldwide local learning network program Chris (with help)
Advocacy build a sustainable funding plan for Mozilla advocacy program / initiatives Lynn
Mobile build a line of funding in m4d space for Appmaker and related initiatives Ben

How We Work

Regular meetings

  • Wednesdays 9:30am ET — substantive updates, collaborative planning
  • Quarterly to write the "Foundation quarterly report"


Mozilla pace is:

  • Weekly: continuous execution
  • Bi-Weekly: "heartbeat" — unit of engineering effort (includes sales prototyping)
  • Quarterly: strategy review
  • Yearly: fiscal review, budget, goal-setting

Annual arc

  • Q1 Theme established
  • Q2 Maker Party prep
  • Q3 MozFest
  • Q4 Year in review, year ahead