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Public meeting note of Aug 13th, 2013

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Gaia for Tablet

  • Still aligning features & schedule. No public information available yet.

3rd-party keyboards framework

Meta bug. This is a v1.2 feature.

  • Gaia part to be landed this week
  • The new IM API is almost ready for review.
  • Keyboard app OOP issues are almost ready too.

Simplified Chinese IME

This is a v1.2 feature.

  • The new SC IME is a fork of Android PinyinIME and cross-complied with Emscripten. To be landed and replace the old one this week.
  • Next steps: try candidate paging, fix UI style and interaction, put IME in a Web Worker.

Gaia build script

This is a v1.2 nice-to-have.

  • See the plan.
  • Progress: will create individual bugs and invite people to work on it.

Window management upgrade

Meta bug. This is a v1.2 nice-to-have.

  • Bug created, on-going
  • Need to figure out how to land big patches in small pieces

Gaia for qHD/WVGA

WVGA support is a v1.1 feature. qHD support is a v1.2 feature.

  • WVGA v1.1hd work on-going by visuals team.
    • Please land your code on both trees and flags the bug correctly!
  • qHD v1.2: the only difference would be full screen assets. Let's switch that with media queries
  • qHD work is pending because we have not yet sure what's the device for v1.2

CDMA phone support

  • CDMA phone can now make calls with latest Gecko and Gaia patches (landed)

Internship mentorship: system app unit tests

  • First patch sent, reviewing

TSOC mentorship: test coverage

  • Web page report ready, next step: send review