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Public meeting note of Aug 20th, 2013

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Nothing is committed until it lands in a release :) .

These are the features mainly driven by the Taipei teams, in co-optations with other teams in Taipei and around the world. We are not meant to take all the credit :)

Gaia for Tablet

Evelyn, George, Greg, Fred

Meta bug

3rd-party keyboards framework

Evelyn, Gary, Xulei, Rudy, Arthur

Meta bug. This is a v1.2 feature. The new IM API documentation

  • Keyboard API / Keyboard manager / Keyboard app is integrated and almost ready to land.
  • Gecko: working on OOP issue this week. Two bugs to be fixed (patch available).
  • API: Next: Inline composition
  • Keyboard manager: Discussed w/ UX, selection menu performance is acceptable, but should be improved.
  • To do: First-run enabled keyboard layout.
  • Settings: UX confirmed, working on it this week.

Simplified Chinese IME

Luke, Pin

This is a v1.2 feature.

  • UI WIP, ETA in days. UX spec ready.
  • Pin is working on user-dictionary.

Gaia build script


This is a v1.2 nice-to-have. meta bug and dependency

  • See the plan.
  • Progress: bug filed. WIP: using require() on xpcshell
  • Discussion w/ jlal on merging his work or converting the current build script from scratch.

Window management upgrade


Meta bug. This is a v1.2 nice-to-have.

  • Last week: moved some modules
  • Next week: moved more modules
  • no API changes (yet)

Gaia for qHD/WVGA


WVGA support is a v1.1 feature.

  • qHD is officially an v1.2 nice-to-have, not a must-have.
  • Other teams has been working on final polish. Shouldn't be more to come.

CDMA phone support


  • non-Settings app items will be moved to Comms function team and Steve and Rex will help out.
  • Settings: working on WAP push, voice privacy.

BT feature support

Ian, Evelyn

  • File transfer, feasibility study
  • Waiting for UX input to know what to do.
  • two level inline activity; inline activity for Settings app.

Internship mentorship: system app unit tests


  • Working on Bluetooth/Wifi unit test

TSOC mentorship: test coverage


TSOC 2013

ext. functional team update: media

Dominic, John

  • Working on Music v1.2 must-have features
  • Dominic is working on Bluetooth AVRCP 1.0/1.3 controls
  • John: Device storage API change migration

ext. functional team update: comms

Steve, Rex

  • Comms will be helping out CDMA issues for RIL team for non-Settings app issues.
  • Peer changes!
  • Steve is working on sorting require features with the partners, e.g. MMS delivery report. (bug 905562)
    • still working on leo+ issues :-/
  • Rex was working on small features, and solved some leo+ bugs.

ext. functional team update: productivity

Evan, Ian

  • Background e-mail sync is not completed yet
  • Notification grouping
  • Evan is working on E-mail composing inline activities
  • Ian reviewed some Clock app patch, finally clean up his review queue.