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Public meeting note of Sep 18th, 2013

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Nothing is committed until it lands in a release :) .

These are the features mainly driven by the Taipei teams, in co-optations with other teams in Taipei and around the world. We are not meant to take all the credit :)

Gaia for Tablet

Meta bug

  • This week: most minimized tablet koi+ bugs are landed.
  • In review: scroll up gesture to homescreen / replace FTU tutorial images / hide dialer via blacklist
  • Need Gecko support:
    • 911684 disable navigator.mozTelephony API if device not support
    • 911668 change orientation to default
    • 906538 ensure tablet user agent
  • We are targeting the lowest risk approach and work with phone v1.2. So v1.2 Gaia will be adaptable to two form factors. We will only fix cases where the UI is broken.
  • Here are a rough estimate for each apps
    • Estimation is based on Firefox nightly browser, will update if it look different on master.

3rd-party keyboards framework

Meta bug. This is a v1.2 feature. The new IM API documentation

  • Next:
    • bug 816874 - Tracking: Run keyboard app OOP
    • bug 901434 - Keyboard/IME API should be exposed to privileged app
    • First-run enabled keyboard layout.

Simplified Chinese IME

This is a v1.2 feature.

  • bug 900906 - Wrap the pinyin engine with web worker to improve the user experience
  • bug 906617 - Change Gaia keyboard app to use the new composition methods in IME WebAPI
  • bug 908592 - Improve symbol panel layout of Pinyin IME
  • bug 913397 - Make keyboard app support 1.5x graphics

Gaia build script

This is a v1.2 nice-to-have. meta bug and dependency

  • See the plan.
  • Modularization in progress.
  • Build Gaia on Firefox extension, we still have some bug for this work and we plan to land it on next week.
  • Will open up indiviual bugs for people for help out once the build script unit test framework is completed.
  • Accomplished 4 build scripts to build modules on v1.2
  • We plan to accomplish below tasks on v1.3:
    • Migrate all python build script to javascript
    • Customization Tool for homescreen based on firefox extension which is mentioned above.

Window management upgrade

Meta bug. This is a v1.2 nice-to-have.

  • HomescreenWindow patch is backout-ed and then send another review now.
  • Open/Close transition into AppWindow is under development.
  • next: ActivitiyWindow
  • no API changes (yet)
  • Blocks v1.3 Sheet navigation + Browser integration to system

Gaia for qHD/WVGA

WVGA support is a v1.1 feature.

v1.1hd is dead, vendor will be shipping a phone on v1.2.

  • John: many non-reproducible bugs being reported by vendor.
  • We should only resolve what's reproducible on master

CDMA phone support

  • non-Settings app items will be moved to Comms function team and Steve and Rex will help out.
  • (CDMA OTSAP) is blocked on Gecko API
  • QA cycle have started Fixing bugs submitted

BT feature support

  • completed inline pairing
  • completed adopting new bluetooth APIs in the settings app and the system app
  • added A2DP status icon

Internship mentorship: system app unit tests

  • Merged wifi testcase
  • fixing bluetooth testcase
  • airplane more test case

Internship mentorship: eng. mode / show case app

  • Writing more test cases on the app.
  • Unable to test hardware keys
  • Will submit a WIP patch this week.

TSOC mentorship: test coverage

TSOC 2013

ext. functional team update: media

  • Working on Music v1.2 must-have features
  • Inter-App Communication API is landed, started to land the related features
  • AVRCP(1.0 + 1.3) for music app is landed and demoed in Oslo
  • Introduced a new module in shared/js/media, remote_controls.js

ext. functional team update: comms

  • Comms will be helping out CDMA issues for RIL team for non-Settings app issues.
  • CDMA record information, waiting for spec, display message position etc.
  • emergency callback need to build emulator to test (instead of actually calling the police)

ext. functional team update: productivity

Evan, Ian

  • Clock app on-going, watching
  • Integration test runtime to be move from B2G/Desktop to Firefox
  • A Alarm API mock was made for testing E-mail notification