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Meeting Details

  • 11:00 AM Central European Time (UTC +2)
  • 650-903-0800 x92 Conf# 206 (US/INTL)
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for back channel

Meeting Notes




  • holidays (yay!)
  • processing through my backlog
  • XBL bindings for L20n landed on the branch ([1])
  • JS bindings for L20n landed on the branch ([2], [3], [4])
  • l10n-data PI added to XUL bindings ([5])
  • Completed DTD->L20n migration on the branch with removal of browser.dtd ([6])
  • Improvements to silme l20n format and introduction of J20n parser ([7], [8])
  • DTD/Properties->L20n conversion tool gained ability to compile to j20n on fly ([9])
  • L20n migration regression tool introduced ([10], [11]) - the tool can turn DTD-based build into L20n-based build and reverse and above it it can produce inline-based build with entities inside .xul files (for perf. comparisons)


  • no updates


  • Firefox 4 beta 4 done in a rush, 26/33 locales done. Panorama subtitles in English for release since the old subtitles need an update (being done now by localizers)
  • Added new feature to product-details library and our dl boxes across the site, we can now easily mark a specific OS/locale couple as unavailable and it will not be displayed as 'Not Yet Available' on all.htm/all-beta.html. Download boxes will be generated per platform with a fallback to en-US so if Persian is not released for mac for example, windows and linux visitors will still get proposed a localized build on our pages. Should give us more freedom to ship locales on partial OSes offering
  • added multi-video subtitle support to mozilla.com pages + created a l10n/videos/ folder for all locales since we have more and more video
  • added double-subtitles mode on panorama video for proofreading http://www-trunk.stage.mozilla.com/fr/firefox/4.0b4/whatsnew/?comparesubs
  • all-beta.html all.html now have html comments below the table of locales to indidate the number of locales released and the list of locale codes


Talking point: Handling of Firefox Home l10n

  • Firefox Home articles localization is going on (Chinese done, French not started)
  • We are starting with Firefox 4 beta articles this week


  • Posted QA L10n Coordinator Annoucement to dev.l10n
  • will work on a testplan for beta 5