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Meeting Details

  • Time and location: Wednesday, 9 AM PST, conf bridge 206
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for back-channel

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Previous Action Items

  • none


  • Kadir - Will talk to chofman about next steps for Verbatim.
  • Stas will go ahead in creating etherpad that describes day-to-day activities for this role. See meeting notes above.
  • Stas to create wiki page with inventory of projects, and template to follow for documentation.
  • stas/milos: set up a wiki page about the Bedrock project and what it means for us

Meeting Notes

Action Items

  • kadir: talk to morgamic about putting verbatim in webdev's q3 goals
    • pending reply
  • kadir: ask morgamic to come up with a list of current licenses of all the websites
    • pending reply
  • stas to ask liz about licensing of the content
  • everyone: jot down list of things that you think we should be working on in Q3


  • Stas to create wiki page with inventory of projects, and template to follow for documentation. L10n:Projects it is.






  • work on pontoon qamode with matjaz
  • initial work on mozilla support for the ongamestart event in warsaw
  • externalized dtd/properties parser/ast/serializer from silme into mozilla.format.dtd and mozilla.format.properties
  • l20n debate and parsrr/compiker work


  • laptop had a problem last week (screen died), had to buy a new one in emergency and reinstall my stuff
  • work week with Pike and Milos in Paris office, listed some of my requirements for a bedrock based site http://etherpad.mozilla.com:9000/bedrock-features-requests
  • published new contributors bios pages on mozilla-europe.org
  • working on a new home page for europe.mozilla.org entirely community focused (to be done by July 15th) as well as visual changes on the site to reflect that
  • keeping on the work on europe.mozilla.org as a community site and www.mozilla.com as a products sites (retiring of pages, new redirects...)
  • country-level geoIP solution on europe.mozilla.org fully working now (work by Milos and myself). We will probably port that work to mozilla.com (seen with James Long)
  • updated home page on mozilla.com to remove the download counter and use screenshots instead
  • put a specific stylesheet on mozilla.com for greek because of bugs in css transforms that affect the locale
  • pinged Oriya localizer for debetaing work on the web
  • rewrote js code for fx upgrade messages to allow translation of strings (in bug 662975 for now)
  • bug triaging for locales
  • published many pages (new translations and updates)


  • mozilla.com - a bit of qa
  • mozilla-europe - contribute pages
  • geoIP for mozilla-europe.org, will port it to mozilla.com
  • In Paris for a work-week with chofmann, pike and pascal
  • mozilla-europe new theme
  • got a bunch of new stuff on my plate - mostly what left unmanaged after Seth left
  • taking over Join Mozilla from stas