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These are the events the Jetpack team is organizing at the summit.

Breakout Sessions!

For sure we should do a session that talks about history, current status, and plans for the project along with demoing the latest versions of the SDK and FlightDeck.

Myk submitted a proposal for this (see below) and will take the lead on it (based on the similar presentation he will give at MAOW 2010 in London the week before).

There are probably others we could do as well. Ideas? Add them to the list below, and if you're proposing to conduct a breakout session (as opposed to just suggesting an idea for one), make sure to submit your proposal via Summit2010/Breakout_Sessions (deadline: June 15).

Prepare for Liftoff: Jetpack and the Future of Add-on Development

Jetpack is about making it easy to build Firefox add-ons using common web technologies. In this session, we'll talk briefly about the history of the project, the current status of the Add-ons Builder SDK and web app we're developing, and our plans for the future.

We'll also show you how quick and easy it is to build add-ons using Jetpack tools. Get ready to have your minds blown!

Rough Breakdown by Minute (assuming 45 minute session):

  • 0-5: Intro & History
  • 5-10: Current Status
  • 10-25: Demo!
  • 25-30: Future Plans
  • 30-45: Discussion

Lightning Talks!

How about "build an add-on in five minutes"? In fact, it'd be pretty cool to have a lightning talk with no talking, i.e. just five minutes of someone iteratively writing and trying out an addon that does something awesome (while someone else juggles lightbulbs!).

Any others we should do? Add them to the list below, and if you're proposing to conduct a lightning talk (as opposed to just suggesting an idea for one), make sure to submit your proposal via Summit2010/Lightning_Talks (deadline: June 15, and first-come-first-served).

  • Zero to Add-on in Five Minutes: Watch us build an add-on using Jetpack technology in five minutes or less! Atul will be doing this.
  • Page Worker API: Felipe signed up for a Lightning talk of the Page Worker API. Maybe we could have one lightning talk to each high-level API to expose it to the community and get feedback
  • Building Add-on UI in Firefox 4 with Jetpack: Dietrich signed up to demo widgets and to talk about how/where they'll be hosted in Firefox 4.
  • Auto-discovery and Web-crawler Indexing of Add-ons: This session will explore the landscape of increasingly fragmented add-on/extension discovery mechanisms on the web. We will also showcase a solution to this problem.

Science Fair!

We should demo the SDK and FlightDeck, showing and telling folks how to easy it is to build an add-on using our tech. Myk has submitted a proposal and would love to have other folks help staff this. Sign up below!

Staff Scientists

  • myk
  • rodchile
  • Dietrich

Rocket Your Firefox Add-on Contest

We will be holding a contest starting on the release date of Jetpack SDK 0.5 which will conclude on Friday July 9th at 12:00 Noon. The contest will select a set of winners in the following three categories:

  • Most Useful
  • Most Creative
  • Most Fun

Winners will be announced at the closing dinner on Friday July 9th

More details


So many options...

  • fixathon for Thunderbird issues (in conjunction with the Thunderbird team)
  • fennixathon for Fennec issues (in conjunction with the mobile team)
  • reviewathon for the last remaining bits of unreviewed code
  • firstaidathon for paper cuts (like those Ehsan recently encountered)
  • electrolothon to advance the E10s-in-Jetpack effort
  • jslibconvertathon to convert top js libraries to work with Jetpack
  • yourideahereathon....

Ambassadors Assemble!

Icebreaker and Updates

On the first day, all Ambassadors will assemble at a TBD time/place during one of the afternoon free periods to update the group with their experiences as a Jetpack Ambassador. We will briefly hear from each Ambassador where they've traveled to speak and what the reaction of the community has been to the program thus far.

Toward the end of the meeting, the group will decide on a time for a second Ambassador meeting where each member will pick another high-value conference to attend, as well as what our plans should be for the last half of 2010.

Where to From Here?

This meeting will focus on the following topics:

  • What are the key messages we will deliver to the community in the last half of 2010?
  • What are the most important events to speak at in the coming months?
  • How could we be more effective as Jetpack Ambassadors?

Project Meeting!

By the time we're at the summit, SDK 0.5 will be out, as might the FlightDeck public beta. What do we want to do next? Let's talk.

The Rocketeer Screening!

We could screen The Rocketeer one evening (or afternoon, or morning, or middle of the night).

Oh, my!