Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2010-08-24

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  • followups from last meeting
    • Irakli to sync up with Fennec dev
    • Myk to sketch E10S integration
    • Brian to review bug 566814 (Julián's patch for |cfx init| command)
    • Myk to identify assignee for Page Mods API
  • E10S integration update
  • FlightDeck 1.0a5 status
  • SDK 0.7 status
  • SDK 0.8 planning
  • roundtable


  • followups
    • Irakli: spoke with a Fennec dev (Vivian Nicholas), he's interested but it's not clear how much time he can spend on it
    • Myk E10S sketch: miss
    • Brian 566814 review: miss, will try to do it today
    • Myk rehoming Page Mods API: plan is to review+checkin current (non-E10S) API, then have Irakli work on E10Sifying it
  • E10S integration
  • Flightdesk 1.0a5: Piotr. freeze 28th, 30th rc1, 9/2 release. Fixed a MooTools bug. Everything else is on track for the freeze except maybe drop-down (with current add-on version) inside a menu.
  • SDK 0.7: froze, but finding last-minute test failures against FF trunk (possibly regressions in FF). test-memory failure (so GC might not be happening). Some FF API changes (bundling some resources into zip files, so JP tests can't access them directly). Probably won't block release on test-memory failure, and others are mostly fixed.
    • so another RC spin today, so final will be pushed back to thursday 26th.
    • will include a bunch of low-risk fixes, including lots of new docs by Drew and Noelle
    • Panel will be included, but the API may change for E10S stuff, so be wary. Daniel wondered if Panel will support XUL, given recent FF changes to remove remote XUL support from content. The answer: maybe.
    • Myk could use help with the release notes. dbuc jumped in.
  • SDK 0.8 (freeze 9/14, release 9/22)
    • what does it mean to be beta? Myk's list:
      • stable APIs (not feature-complete, but stable), so E10S compatibility is the biggest concern.
      • E10S compatible (but not necessarily integrated.. might happen in 0.8, maybe not).
      • majority of core APIs implemented
      • rename SDK to final name
      • distinguish between high and low-level APIs, so developers can tell which ones they ought to be using (and which are internals)
    • we should be supporting FF4 and its UI paradigms: notify without modal dialogs, etc.
    • we don't expect to retain FF3.6 compatibility: it is the lowest priority, and looks hard to do both that and E10S.
    • at the end of the 0.8 cycle, we should have a good idea of how E10S integration is looking. If we still aren't sure, we can call 0.8 an alpha.
    • 0.8 goal is to get to beta. E10S-compat, 5 new important APIs, and Brian's manifest-restricted loader.