Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2010-09-28

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  • No followups from last week.
  • flightdeck: shipped! pushed to production on thursday!
    • turns out that the blocker was imaginary: there was a configuration problem that made it look like something was broken when actually it worked
    • Daniel Buchner is taking over project management of flightdeck, in conjunction with AMO team
  • SDK 0.8: shipped! release made monday afternoon. Some last-minute blockers.
    • FF4 is approaching feature freeze, so developers are throwing lots of code into FF trunk, so keeping SDK compatible with FF trunk is hard. SDK 0.8 goal was changed to work with FF4b6, not with every nightly/trunk.
    • for next SDK release, we want to make it work with nightlies again. No date for the FF4 feature freeze yet, so target will keep moving for a while longer.
    • we're likely to give up on FF3.6 support this week (i.e. we won't block the SDK if tests fail against 3.6), so SDK is likely to stop working with 3.6 eventually.
  • SDK-0.8 post-mortem
    • what didn't go well:
      • dbuc: E10S uncertainty
      • way too many tests are failing: hard to know which version of Minefield (if any) would pass all tests, need better cross-platform testing (developers should try something other than OS-X). Really need a buildbot.
      • various developer's summer PTO/vacations impacted schedules. Myk says he needs to ask both about what projects can get finished in a given cycle *and* when they're likely to be on vacation.
    • what did go well: got some good new APIs, content-symbiote refactoring makes it easier to use across multiple modules, number of contributors is increasing (bug-reporters, testing, community developers). We had fewer "last minute" checkins this time, instead they were moved up to about a day before the freeze.
  • SDK-0.9 planning
    • Myk has wiki pages up for SDK-0.N for N<=12. 0.9 to ship 10/20, 0.10 ship 11/17, 0.11 ship 12/15, 0.12 ship 01/20 (2011).
    • FF team has "support jetpack APIs" as a quarterly goal, but they're also scrambling to do FF4, so amount of time commitment is uncertain.
    • 0.9 might be 1.0b1, etc
    • E10S fixes are now on the schedule. 0.9 deliverable is to have a working patch for E10S integration (but not actually land it until maybe 0.10)
    • we should do a meetup in the next 3-4 weeks, with some demos, food. Think about what we want to present and talk about.
    • 0.9 should also include "work against FF trunk" deliverable
    • Myk will solicit other 0.9 goals from the mailing list
  • roundtable
    • atul: Git migration. Do it tomorrow? Between 0.9-freeze and 0.10-thaw? What does it mean to move? New workflow.
      • warner could show how he uses git/github/hg. Maybe folks could use git in this fashion for a few weeks, to learn more about it before figuring out the new workflow.
    • Will Bamberg just joined us as a tech writer
    • irakli: how to make MDN be more visible as a resource for Javascript documentation. PromoteJS project.