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This page includes high-level plus more detailed plans for the Mozilla Foundation's 2015 key initiatives: Learning Networks, Learning Products, and Leadership Development.

The Plan

This journey started 5 years ago in Barcelona at Learning, Freedom & the Web. We’ve experimented and adapted
 along the way -- developing Webmaker, Hive, Maker Party, our fellows programs. The opportunity remains the same: to radically empower individuals with the skills they need to make the web.

Start here. The high-level 2015 plan.

In 2015, we'll continue to build on what we've achieved with Webmaker, Hive, Maker Party and our fellows programs over the past few years. Specifically we plan to:

  • Improve and grow our local learning networks (Hive, Maker Party, etc).
  • Build up an engaged user base for Webmaker, on both mobile and desktop.
  • Prototype a simple leadership development program, test w/ fellows and ReMo.

We'll also work on plans in 2015 to pull our existing initiatives -- plus other programs like MDN -- into a bigger Mozilla Learning or "Mozilla University" initiative.


1) Learning Networks

Focused on teachers and mentors. 2015 goal: Improve value to — and impact of — mentor network. Strategy: Mobilize more educators and empower them to teach web literacy. Create high-quality curriculum and deeper web literacy programs. Grow a constellation of local Hives and clubs that are globally connected.

Plan: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Webmaker/2015/Mentors


More detail:

2) Learning Products

Focused on makers and learners. 2015 goal: Grow engaged users. Strategy: Lower barriers to participation, focus on mobile, add social. Build community features that lead to more sustained involvement. Add online mentoring into the product. Experiment w. integrating Webmaker into Firefox and Firefox OS (aka "MakerFox.")

3) Leadership Development

Focused on leaders and fellows. Develop leaders to protect the open web. 2015 goal: Create world class community leadership program. Strategy: Build on fellows, ReMo and super mentor, programs