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The MDN community meeting takes place in the #mdn channel on at 10 AM PDT (17:00 UTC). See the meeting time in your time zone. It's open to anyone that would like to participate, so please feel free to join in!

Add your agenda items below. Please include your IRC nickname in parens, so we know whose item it is.

New people?

  • If you're new to this meeting or to MDN, please speak up and introduce yourself.



  • Jean-Yves will send his current blog post to Janet for possibly publishing on about:community.
  • Jeremie will send a proposal for a blog post about the result of the code sample survey.l
    • Should have first draft done tomorrow


  • Ali will finalize the date for the MDN Hack weekend by the end of next week.


  • Janet went to MozCamp Beta in India
    • Question came up: Do we really need to translate into Indic languages?
    • Answer: That's up to you, since you're the experts here. But keep in mind that not everyone is necessarily as comfortable in English as you are.
  • Hack on MDN weekend update from alispivak]
    • Currently looking at September 26-28 in San Francisco
    • However, September/October timeframe is very busy, so this may change -- don't start making plans yet!
  • (Possible) upcoming MDN events update from alispivak
    • BrazilJS - "Hack on MDN" workshop to update Javascript docs. August 21-22, Porto Alegre, Brazil
    • JSConf EU - "Hack on MDN" workshop to update Javascript docs. October 13-14, Berlin
    • MozFest - 24-26 October, London - still TBD what we might do
    • MozCamp EMEA - sometime in September, will be doing train the trainer sessions


See our new project planning area to see all the various projects and their planning documents!


  • Dev team continues to analyze analytics and logs to figure out a rare but annoying traffic spike that occasionally happens and brings the site down.
  • Rebooted MDN dev meetings to be more open and more useful
  • Writing team is preparing its proposed Q3 development project proposals to the dev team:
  • Carry-over dev projects that need to be completed:
    • Finish the ongoing Badges work
    • Finish the ongoing work on GitHub login
      • Auth code has been refactored and merged to support more authorization backends in the future (such as github, Firefox accounts, Twitter, etc)
  • Performance work
    • Installed tools (uglify and cleancss) to help compress the JS and CSS on the site, to improve load times
    • Contributor bar has been disabled while a performance revamp is done
    • Many thousands of lines of code have been removed during this process
  • Other
    • Persona login window now has MDN branding
    • A PR is in to make the edit/languages/etc buttons sticky so they stay onscreen when scrolling. Woohoo!
    • Another PR is in to duplicate those buttons at the bottom of the page as well.