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2015 Q1 Deliverables

Grow & Maintain: MDN Content

Status Deliverable Name
(Completed) Soft Launch of MDN Learning Area Jeremie Patonnier & Ali Spivak
(Completed) Plan for MDN Learning Area Ali Spivak
(Not started) Complete Reference WebRTC documentation Jean-Yves Perrier
(On track) Complete set of tutorials/general articles about WebRTC Eric (sheppy) Shepherd
(Not started) Update WebSocket documentation Eric (sheppy) Shepherd
(On track) Build and deploy sample backend-code server to run server-side code required for samples such as WebSocket, XMLHttpRequest, and the like Eric (sheppy) Shepherd
(On track) DDN Management and Fx 35/36/37/38/39 for developers Jean-Yves Perrier
(Completed) Launch MDN Content Kits with 3 topics & 2 test presenters Janet Swisher
(On track) Web Crypto API Jean-Yves Perrier
(On Track) Worker Documentation Chris Mills
(On track) Maintain and extend e10s docs Will Bamberg
(On track) CSS tooltips Will Bamberg
(On track) Maintain and extend Firefox Dev Tools documentation Will Bamberg
(moved to Q2) Write a plan for WebGL docs and start executing it Florian Scholz
(completed) JavaScript guide overhaul/cleanup Florian Scholz
(completed) Deliver/Finish Canvas docs Florian Scholz
(Completed, not planned) Broadcast Channel API documentation [Evangelism need] Jean-Yves Perrier
(Completed, not planned) Refactorization of HTML Global attributes [Community need] Jean-Yves Perrier
(Completed, not planned) Window.self rewriting [User complaint received; quick turnover, user happy] Jean-Yves Perrier
(Completed, non planned) Refactorization of CSS "IDENT" documentation [Community need] Jean-Yves Perrier
(Completed) Documentation of CSS Counter Styles Level 3 Saurabh Nair (volunteer), mentor:Jean-Yves Perrier

Grow & Maintain: Fellowship Program

Status Deliverable Name
(On track) Launch pilot program Diane Tate

Grow & Maintain: Program Management

Status Deliverable Name
(On track) Support communications and KPI tracking Diane Tate

Grow & Maintain: Community

Status Deliverable Name
(completed) Social Media Plan Ali Spivak
(completed) Plan for MDN 10th Anniversary Promotion Ali Spivak
(completed) MDN Community Engagement Plan for 2015 Janet Swisher
(completed) Social Sharing requirements Janet Swisher
(completed)] Hold monthly WednesdayDocs events in Paris and in London Jérémie Patonnier and Jean-Yves Perrier
(completed) MDN presentation at London Web Standards Jean-Yves Perrier

Developer Event

Status Deliverable Name
(On track) External partner relations support Diane Tate